Ever wonder what your loved ones would say if they called you on the phone…..from the other side 🙂 ?

Believe it or not, there is an incredible body of evidence that supports the fact that everyday, ordinary people DO get extraordinary messages from those on the other side, and often through electronic means. (EVP and the like) But….there are also an abundance of little known, but really cool cases where people have literally gotten phone calls from loved ones who have passed, and while it doesn’t happen incredibly often, there are plenty of examples of this that have been studied by some pretty serious researchers, writers and journalists as well. (there is a great book called “Phone Calls from the Dead” by the late Scott Rogo which is well worth checking out if you are skeptical that these cases are credible!)

In the meantime….watch this video narrated by famed EVP pioneer Sarah Estep and make your own mind up!

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