There are many misperceptions about being psychic. Some people stereotype psychic abilities as weird, wacky or just plain wild, without any real intuitive understanding of WHAT being psychic readily means.

Here is MY truth.

Everyone has intuition. All of us.

Some of us simply rely on our intuition MORESO than our intellect, to make decisions.

Some of us let our hearts guide us… much as we do our heads.

The funny thing is, you can actually FEEL this in your body when you make a choice. Or, when you make a judgement about a person, a place or a situation.

Do you feel that in your head? Or… you feel that in your heart or “gut”, a tingling or intuitive understanding or even an EXTRAORDINARY knowing about a certain situation that defies conventional ways of choosing?

Of course truly embracing the magic, meaning and magnificent mystery of psychic “powers” goes WELL beyond the mundane details above, and can embrace all sorts of amazing experiences that transcend the human domain. Spiritual experiences like feeling a oneness with all things, precognition, remote viewing, seeing and sensing apparitions and even guardian angels, or even having incredible, life changing events like a NDE (near death experience) can have a profound affect on how you perceive the world thereafter.

In my own life, having been a skeptic and agnostic of ALL things spiritual for most of my first 30 years, it took an extraordinary psychic experiences to open me up to the wild and wonderful world that awaits. As many of our readers know……..I had what was called a “crisis apparition” where a spirit……someone who was literally, dying unexpectedly at that very moment, in the middle of the night and literally several thousand miles away, appeared to me to say goodbye.

It was a crystal clear experience that literally woke my DOG up first…and ironically woke ME up as well.  (and I mean that both literally….AND figuratively alike! 🙂

This experience permanently changed my life, and what I believed was possible, and has since infused my life with a sense of PASSION and purpose and wonder at the world around me.

Knowing now, through personal experience that life continues on after death in some real way, and that we ALL have access to this world if, is truly the greatest gift I’ve been given.

The first step is simply embracing the mystery. Rather than think you have all the answers, like I once did – just open your mind to the power and possibility of all that we don’t know. Then, set an invitation, even if it’s just in your minds eye, for allowing the transcendent to appear in your life.

It’s amazing how when you do….the universe conspires to give you all the evidence you need to believe, and then a little extra to boot!

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