Here is a very powerful near death experience after a car accident that left Michaela in a coma, and alternating between life and death on her way to th the hospital for at least 45 minutes.

One of the more fascinating elements of this particular NDE are the “veridical”elements, or the things she says she saw and witnessed during the expereince that later proved to be true.  (very specific conversations happening in the hospital cafeteria between her immediate and extended family that are pretty hard to explain away)

Also of note in this particular NDE is the presence of a medical doctor and life saving care team who could document much of what she experienced physically….as she was en route to the hospital.

It’s rare to get a “perfect” NDE that proves all of the skeptics and cynics wrong……but some of the components of Michaela’s experience are very powerful to watch, and very persuasive as well!

Enjoy 🙂

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