There is nothing worse than being excited to see a psychic, medium or a spiritual intuitive and having a disappointing experience.  After all….for most of us, making an appointment to get intuitive advice can be a very exciting, exhilaration and inspiring experience in of itself.  It promises the idea that our troubles will be transformed, or concerns will be caressed and our karma will be “cured” when we share our problems with a psychic or healer.

The truth?  Many people make BIG mistakes when seeking out spiritual advice.  Those mistakes are often about the very expectations we have for what a reader can and cannot do…as well as the myths and misconceptions about what a reading really IS for in the first place.

Let’s look at at few of the big mistakes I see people make in my own practice as well as some of the things you can do to improve your chances of having a reading you’ll NEVER forget…and won’t immediately regret when it’s over.

1 – A reader should be ENGAGED and enthusiastic, but a bit dispassionate and distant from the emotional energy of the reading.

There is nothing worse than a reader who gets so caught up in the emotion of the reading that the reading itself, actually suffers.  It’s a fine line between caring and being incredibly compassionate and being so caught up in the life of the other person that the content of the reading begins to become emotional, rather than insightful.  This one distinction alone can make the difference between an amazing intuitive and one who enjoys the DRAMA of the lives of his for her clients  more than helping folks heal.

2 – The reader should do MOST of the talking, but shouldn’t dominate the direction of the session as well.

Again, a fine line between taking control, which is what you hire a psychic or medium to do, and being CONTROLLING or domineering. I’ve seen my fair share of psychics start to get the “god” complex during a reading….and they get so insistent that what they are hearing is right, or correct, that even when the client resists the information, they still believe they are 100% correct.  Always remember that when you pay for a reading YOUR voice matters too, and have an equal stake of the experience.

Stay away from any professional reader who doesn’t share this ethos as well.

3 – Lastly, be PREPARED. 

Write everything down you want to know before the reading begins.  There is nothing worse than walking out of a session with a psychic you like, or hanging up the phone, and WISHING you would have asked this or that, or realizing that you totally FORGOT to ask the one thing that was most important to you.  If you do nothing else I recommend above, preparing yourself for your next psychic reading or spiritual session can make all of the difference in the world, I promise!

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