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Now Reading: How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities – Simple Exercises for Expanding Your Active Awareness


How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities – Simple Exercises for Expanding Your Active Awareness

svgAugust 23, 2013Featuredmodernmystic

Who else would love to enhance, extend and increase your natural intuitive talents?

Think you’ve got to be a spiritual guru or well known celebrity to be in touch with your intuition, and the universal energy and information that is ALWAYS around?

Think again!  🙂

I want to give you a different idea and a simple strategy that anyone reading this right now can use to start experiencing more of the world, more of the time….without doing anything unusual, expensive, wild, wacky or weird to get first hand evidence that your awareness IS everything.

And the more you practice this very simple exercise, the more you will find yourself able to enhance, extend and RAISE your awareness to become more psychically aware of much of the unseen world around you.

I first learned this technique many years ago…..from a little known Kabbalah teacher who taught mediation, and who wrote about the joys of using an expanded awareness to explore your unseen environment in a brand new way.

The idea is simple and NOT all that exotic at all.  (and when it comes to spiritual strategies that REALLY work, my rule usually is MORE simple = more BETTER 😉

Wherever you are right now…….take note of what you are aware of.

For most of us, it’s our immediate environment.  Maybe your computer screen.  Maybe a TV flickering in the background.  Maybe your kids playing outside a window, or in another room.  Maybe you have something in the microwave……or dinner on the stove.

The truth is, we only notice what we need to notice.

But, you don’t need to be psychic to know that if you expand your active awareness to encompass a broader field around you, there is MUCH more happening than you are consciously aware of.  (or focusing on)

A street away from you, there may be kids riding bikes than are outside your visual field or immediate environment.

Your neighbors house might have similar activity as your own…..TV playing, dinner cooking, errands being accomplished, etc.

Even IN your visual field, when you start to allow your active awareness to drift and see more around you….you begin to NOTICE more, and more things take more shape.

For example, as I write this article……there is a woman walking her dog down the street, who I can clearly recognize, EVEN while staring at my computer screen.

I don’t need to do anything wild or weird to see her, and include her in my active awareness, other than notice that she’s there 🙂

The trick is, once you begin to do this consciously, and with intention, you’ll start to become aware of so much more.

And as that awareness expands….and gets wider, and allows more information to seep into your spirit, you’ll start to pick up things that are NOT visually available at all.  You’ll start to see things with what I like to refer to as your “ethereal eyes” and begin to strongly sense sights, sounds and sensations that are no longer being picked up with your visual senses at all.

Instead, they are part of a new form of insight, information and illumination….and fall into the intuitive realms, rather than the intellectual.

Make sense?  I challenge you to try it and see how much more y you can see…..once you set the intention, and allow your intuition to guide you!

For more practical tips, tools, and techniques for transforming energy into awareness and awareness into enhanced INSIGHT and intuition, read the ModernMystics guide to psychic development & karmic coaching for individuals and small groups.

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    How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities – Simple Exercises for Expanding Your Active Awareness

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