What is the best evidence for an afterlife? Are psychic medium readings the ONLY way to “prove” that the afterlife is real?

We get a lot of questions about how to prove that life after death is a true thing to look forward to. It might surprise you to know that in OUR view, you shouldn’t take one type of “evidence” for the afterlife to be 100% proof of anything. After all…..even the very best mediums could be doing something VERY interesting and unexplainable, and that doesn’t have to be proof that they are really speaking to spirit. (it could be mind reading of a very advanced type, or it could be picking up information in the Akashic records, like Edgar Caycee, the amazing psychic described in his own life, and so on and for forth)

To us? The very BEST evidence that the afterlife is “true” is from the TOTALITY of the experiences that all seem to point in that direction. There are many kinds of experiences that people have that go WAY beyond a psychic or spiritual reading, and these, in total, to us……are overwhelming evidence in the reality of a soul, and that it will continue on after the death of the body as well. Continue reading for the TOP 9 types of evidence for a soul, at the link following the short excerpt below.

Crisis Apparitions: People who appear to others in “spiritual” form at the moment of death, or severe trauma. Many of these cases have been reported in wars, or when someone is struck with an unexpected trauma like a sudden heart attack or car accident… and “appears” to others many miles away to say goodbye

Death Bed Visions: People who report seeing loved ones at their death beds, often “invisible” to others in the room (although… NOT always..:-) who have come to help them “transition” to the other side

After Death Communications: (or ADC’s) Very simply, these are more commonly thought of as “ghosts” – when someone who is LONG dead appears after their demise to you in physical, or energetic “form” to communicate something. (often is important… and other times can be trivial and re-assuring)


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