Do you believe in guardian angels?  What about spirit guides?  Does the idea that our lives continue on after the death of your physical body ring TRUE to you……or does it sound more like spiritual silliness and new age nonsense?

 And if you are skeptical…..what do you believe about the millions of near death experiences, out of body experiences, spiritually transformative experiences and other extraordinary adventures into the wild and wonderful invisible world that seems to change the lives of everyone who touches it…even for a moment?

 As a former skeptic and cynic of all things spiritual…’s no big surprise that I thought the idea of guardian angels and spirit guides was a pretty dubious notion, and that the folks who DID believe we gullible wishful thinkers.

 It wasn’t until my own experience – a completely interactive encounter with a friend who was in the process of dying unexpectedly over 2000 miles away, that I became a believer that we DO each have a life purpose, and we DO have a separate “soul” and invisible guides around us all the time……and that there is a reason for each of us to be here in the first place.

 This experience transformed my life…and ever since, I’ve never felt alone, or isolated, or spiritually separated from the energy and inspiration of the wonderful world around me.

 What about You?

 Do you ever feel like everything, and everyone you are SUPPOSED to feel spiritually connected to has disappeared?  Maybe you are literally alone…..or have no close friends or family around when you need a helping hand.  Or, maybe you are surrounded by people…..but feel completely alone anyway, a sort of spiritual separation even from your loved ones, that you simply can’t shake.

The good news is, you ALWAYS have a protective energy around you….even when you feel the most isolated, aloof and alone.

In my 10 plus years of experience with angels, guides, and hundreds of profound spiritual experiences that have opened a wide and welcoming window into the the wonderful world that awaits us all….I have learned a few really important universal lessons.

  1. 1 – That each of us has a destiny, and a life purpose, and a unique “mission” that is deeply embedded within the fabric of our spiritual being.
  2. 2 – That none of us will ever completely understand what that mission is in totality, and that we can develop great and inspiring insights into the “meaning of life”, that there is something to be said for the magic, and the mystery of NOT knowing as well
  3. 3 – There is a spiritual blindness that we’re all born with….and our primary purpose in this life is to learn to remember who we are, to learn important lessons about love, loss and spiritual separation, and to take those lessons with us when our physical bodies die.
  4. Most importantly…..
  5. 4 – That life does NOT end at death.  That your consciousness continues.  Your awareness, the true YOU is not the physical form you see in the mirror, but instead….the deep, beautiful and blissful spiritual awareness that lives within us all.

At the end of life, your spiritual family or soul group is there to greet you, and to help you transition from THIS world, to the next.  And that how you’ve LOVED, as much as how you’ve lived, is really the most important factor in what happens when you cross!