Here is a quick question I answered on a Facebook post about the best books about the afterlife, written by mediums – from my own perspective. (if you don’t have the time to read the whole thing – the books/authors I most recommend are Gordon Smith, Richard Ireland, the work of John Edwards in general (although I don’t prefer his books) and for questions about extended consciousness writ large – Cosmic Consciousness, the book written by Dr. Maurice Bucke in the late 19th Century. (featuring all sorts of amazing experiences by the top scientists and academics of that time period – including the poet Walt Whitman, who later became his close friend and confidante)

For what it’s worth – I run a publishing platform that has many psychic mediums – and spiritual “teachers” – as clients – and who are active members of our community. (topics that cover the entire spectrum of spiritually transformative experiences – from near death experiences to death bed visions to precognition, psychic mediumship, and more esoteric ideas around both the scientific evidence for extended consciousness and practical practices to have those sorts of experiences) I’m also – contrary to other folks in our community – a bit agnostic about what the vast majority of “mediums” write in their books – or preach/teach to their clients and community. I’m not a huge fan of his written work (his actual books, of which I believe one was just published recently) – but Gordon Smith is one of the rare exceptions (I believe he is currently living in Ireland) has a real gift – and has much content that you can see for free – online. (lots of interviews – and readings – and published content) Another fascinating medium was Richard Ireland – largely unknown today – but his books – and in particular – his readings – and gifts writ large – are quite astonishing – and his son (the author Mark Ireland – who also writes about near death experiences and the afterlife after losing his own teenage son) – has archived much of his fathers work – so it’s available to read/see online. (including some talk show appearances from the 50s and 60s which are crazy to watch – unless the hosts were colluding with him – it’s hard to explain some of what he does on live TV) I’m not a fan of John Edwards books – but have sat with him a number of times in small settings – and he no doubt, has a genuine gift (even though he gets tons of criticism, and makes for an easy target for skeptics) There is a great book called “Cosmic Consciousness” also written in the late 19th century by Dr. Maurice Bucke – who inspired Walt Whitman to share his own spiritually transformative experiences – that I highly recommend – and is quite inspiring for folks who want a smarter, more scientific exploration of these topics. (a movie was also made about Dr. Bucke – and his friendship/influence on Walt Whitman) We have lists published of recommended books and resources for folks interested in the best books – I’m happy to share that here for anyone who wants to see it – updated every few months. (I also run a directory of the most famous mediums as well – but I generally don’t recommend starting there – as your results, may vary)

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