We Got Readings From A Clairvoyant And It Was Weirdly Accurate

Hello from the ~other side~.

A fun article on a Tyler Henry reading that turned a few reluctant skeptics, into true blue believers.  Enjoy!

  During his readings, Tyler communicates with loved ones a person has lost. Here’s how he explains it:      

“When I meet people, I relay things I see and feel. And in a reading when I interact with a person, I’ll pick up on sensations and feelings and piece them together to make a coherent thought. My goal is to always get specific information and relay details that people will connect to. In doing so, you’ll find that I kind of scribble [on my notebook]. Nothing too profound will be found on the scribbles as much as it helps me get in the zone. Sometimes I’ll work with an object and that helps make a direct connection with someone who’s passed.

              Like many skeptics, we wanted to be sure that this whole ~connecting with the dead~ thing was legit. In order to see if this really worked, we followed strict guidelines to ensure that there was NO WAY Tyler could have researched us ahead of time.      

tyler henry reading

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