1. Understand that people create their own karma, dharma and life conditions. As an empath or HSP, you are prone to wanting to solve people’s problems, and save them from their (often bad) choices. Don’t. Each of us is heir to our own karma, and allowing people to discover that on their own is an important part of an empaths growing process.
  2. Don’t give until it hurts. Find a healthy zone in which you feel energized through generosity, but when it crosses the line (or gets close) back away and protect yourself (and your sanity) from people who would take more than what you have to give.
  3. Journal, write, create and express yourself on a daily basis. One of the simple truths about highly sensitive people is that we are prolific keepers of our own emotions. A “mature” empath or HSP learns to express herself on a daily basis, often through journaling, or a diary, or even writing a book. (if you are super ambitious like many of the professional mediums in our community)
  4. Keep on communicating! (even when you feel like keeping sh*t to yourself) Healthy boundaries are at bottom, about communication – and many empaths, and HSP’s have trouble standing up for ourselves. The good news? It gets easier with practice – and the more you do it, the healthier, and happier you’ll be.
  5. Lastly, find a tribe! Learn from what works for others. Nothing you are experiencing right now is your burden to bear alone. All of this stuff is easier if you’re not alone. Our community of over 1500 empaths, healers, light workers and HSP’s provides an incredible opportunity to connect with others on a similar path.

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