Drew Barrymore, Anna Raimondi, the Dead Judge…..and The Ex-Husband Who Doesn’t Believe

Barrymore’s ex-husband called the medium who appeared on her show this week a “submental hack working the talk show circuit.”

What happens when you put a wacky and fun celebrity, a psychic medium (Anna Raimondi) a couple of dead judges and a supportive (but skeptical ex) into a conversation about what happens after we die?  It sounds like a whole lot of confusion….some clairvoyant confusion and a bit of good old fashioned entertainment for the rest of us 🙂  Watch the video, and then read the (linked) article for the details.

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  1. Kathy

    She researches ahead of time. To make an appointment, it is required that you give her your email address. I had an appointment, she had my info, she knew many many details that I realized were in my mother’s obituary. My husband went with me unannounced and she had very little to say to him except she named 2 relatives’ names. I say she had a gift, but cheats. It would be very easy for her to know Drew’s ex-husband’s name and some of his relatives Anna mentioned. I looked them up myself.

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