Q: How can I learn to become clairvoyant? What is the easiest psychic skill or ability to develop? Do you have to be born with powerful intuitive gifts, or can they be cultivated, or developed at any age?

Any of these questions sound familiar? The truth is, we get more questions about increasing intuition and psychic development than just about anything else.

The good news?

Regardless of what you may hear otherwise, you do NOT need to be born with a unique gift to learn how to quickly, easily and ENJOYABLY expand your awareness, and pick up psychic messages from the environment or from spirit, depending on your process, and perspective.

Let’s take a quick look at a few simple concepts, and then dive into a few easy exercises thereafter.

Clairaudience is literally translated as clear hearing.

It is but one specific skill set in the intuitive arsenal, and can be cultivated very differently than the other “clairs”.

(like clairvoyance, for example)

Meditation is the central exercise that we are going to use to hone, refine and improve our clairaudience.

Now, let’s talk for a moment about what meditation REALLY is, and what meditation is NOT. (because many people misrepresent this, or misunderstand this, especially in the spiritual teaching space)

Simply put, meditation is the self regulation of attention.

How and where you pay attention in the present moment is incredibly important to living a happy, healthy and well adjusted life.

It’s also very important in the cultivating of the sort of consciousness that can lead to profound and life changing psychic, and spiritual experiences.

There are many DIFFERENT types of meditation.

Mindfulness meditation, for example, is incredibly popular right now.

It’s usefulness has been documented in countless studies, scientific papers, and has been touted as the ultimate technology for transformation for CEO’s, athletes, monks, moms, and just about everyone else in between.

IMPORTANT: Mindfulness is a very specific technique for training the attention to “see clearly” in the present moment, without judgement.

To REALLY notice, what we notice.

But it is NOT about obsessing about what you want to accomplish in life, or focusing on your fears or flaws, or trying to manifest a mate or a new car or attract abundance.

While those things may have their place in our lives, mediation, done properly is an ESCAPE from the relentless “thinking” that most of us do everyday, and offers an opportunity for everything we unfortunately overlook to appear in the canvas of our own consciousness.

The things we overlook?

The signs, symbols and spiritual sounds of a magical and meaningful universe that wants us to pay attention to the information, and inspiration that is around us all.

Ironically, mindfulness as it is taught today, is almost identical to the Buddhist practice of Vipassana.

Vipassana, translated from the original Pali dialect of the buddha, also means “clear seeing”, “seeing clearly” or “cutting through”.

And learning to “cut through” will be something that you will find incredibly helpful when working on your clairaudient abilities!

So let’s talk about 3 exercises you can use to increase your clairaudient abilities and pay super close attention to what is happening in the present moment as well.

The 3 Exercises for Developing Clairaudience are:

1 – Meditation for Expanded Awareness

2 – Meditation for Deep Listening

3- Meditation for Sound Separation

I’m only going to cover the first (Expanded Awareness)_in detail today, and then we’ll do a separate exercise for both the others in our next 2 updates.

Meditation for Expanded Awareness

*The core concept:

We all have access to far more information in the environment than we realize.

Our brains have evolved (and become conditioned) to prioritize what we see in our immediate environment and to filter out and ignore everything beyond.

In this meditation, we sit calmly in a comfortable position and pay attention to what we hear in our immediate environment. We don’t force our attention on any object, or sound, we merely allow what is, to arise and announce itself to our ears.

We don’t move to or away from any sound, we merely notice everything that is available to hear.

It is helpful to imagine that we are not the listener or the person seeking sounds. Instead, if you can, just be the space itself where sounds appear. Allow yourself to dissolve into a wide, wonderful cloud of energy and awareness, and let everything that happens appear in this space of expanded self.

(this can be tricky for beginning and even regular meditators, so don’t get trapped in this if it feels too abstract)

When you are comfortable and relaxed, and the hearing feels effortless, let’s allow our attention to expand.

Gently move your attention to sounds that appear outside of the space where you sit.

For example, I am writing this in my living room.

I can hear CNN in my bedroom playing to an audience of no one.

I can hear the hum of the AC kick in every few moments.

Every few moments more…..the ice maker in the kitchen seems to click and clank and shift it’s contents into new places and spaces outside of my sight.

These sounds, and more….appear in the canvas of my immediate awareness.

Just paying close attention to these alone is a beautiful and blissful feeling, and cultivates a level of concentration that most people miss in every day life.

If I allow my attention to expand, i can hear the gentle sound of the waterfall in the garden.

I can hear what sounds like a thumping on the ground near by.

If I allow my awareness to grow and flow, I can get closer to each of these sounds and they become amplified and obvious – no longer faint in the fabric of feeling.

The more I allow my awareness to expand, the more information it includes.

The trick here is to keep growing and flowing and including more and more. Focus only on sounds, as we are only interested (for the moment) in clairaudience. How much more appears in your ears? What else do you notice? What else do you hear?

Another trick is not getting caught up in the thinking. Don’t THINK about what you hear, just notice it.

Don’t judge.

Don’t question anything right now.

Just notice what you notice, and then later…..when you are processing the experience, you can verify, validate and ask better questions about what you heard with your “ethereal” ears!

If you enjoyed this beginner meditation for clairaudient development, you’ll love the next two exercises for deep listening, and sound segmentation.

These simple exercises will help augment and improve the process above, and allow you to cultivate super hero levels of concentration (sound separation) and the WISDOM (deep listening) that is critically overlooked when it comes to authentic spiritual practice.

I hope it inspires you to want to dive in and learn more…and continue your own unique journey on the path of enlightenment!

Till next time 🙂

– Angela, Michael & the FamousPsychicMediums.Com Editorial Team

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