What does a light worker do?  Are there some jobs that are better suited for healers, teachers, or spiritual guides?  How can I turn my passion for PEOPLE, into a job, career or profession that will allow me to reach my true potential?

light worker job opportunitiesWe get a lot of questions from our readers about careers in the spiritual services spaces.  If you’re already having incredible experiences with spirit (like most intuitives, empaths and spiritual seekers eventually do) there is a natural desire, and often an URGENT desire, to turn that passion for people, or service, into a job or career that will allow you to actually do well, while doing good!

Not everyone can be a psychic medium professionally.  But just about everyone who loves people, and helping and healing others, can build a business around spiritual services – and there has never been a more urgent time for people of passion and purpose – true empaths and teachers – to offer healing to the world in whatever capacity you are called.

Join our brand new course – THE LIGHT WORKER LAUNCH, to learn everything you need to know about becoming a light worker, doing wonderful work that the world needs – while earning great money – and having a grand adventure, bringing your best self to the surface – in the service of yourself – those you love – and everyone who needs you, now.

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