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List of Famous Mediums

svgJuly 10, 2018Musingsgoodkarma

When we first opened this psychic directory, every medium who joined told us they were famous ūüôā ¬†Famous is obviously a pretty subjective thing – after all, there are lots of super famous celebrities I’ve never even ¬†heard of….which is a constant reminder how old i’m getting! ¬†But that said, there are definitely some legitimately famous psychic mediums who most people know of….even if they’re super skeptical about psychic abilities, the afterlife, etc. ¬†(Sylvia Browne, for example, was certainly FAMOUS, even though I don’t personally think she was really gifted in any legitimate way)

So who do YOU believe are the most famous psychics in the world today? ¬†Are there folks we ought to know about and invite to be part of our community…….that you DON’T see here? ¬†Tell us what (and who) we’re missing when it comes to famous mediums in our own list – and we’re happy to expand our membership to include your favorites as well.

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    List of Famous Mediums

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