Are Soulmates Real? Do soulmates stay together after death, or does each incarnation, or level of consciousness have it’s own “soul family” or spiritual partner?

There are tons of different opinions (and experiences) with spiritual soulmates, soul groups, soul families and how we stay together (or not) from lifetime to lifetime, OR, for those who don’t believe in many lifetimes, in the heavenly realms when this life is done.

Of course, it’s impossible to KNOW for certain, what happens when we die, and what happens to the connections we share in this lifetime, that feel so important to us now. Near death experiences, can open a wide window into some of what matters most to us, and may offer a glimpse into many of the perennial questions we ponder here with regard to life, love and the afterlife as well. Take the NDE below, where one woman had an incredibly rich, detailed and extraordinary experience that included scenes of a soulmate she had YET to meet, including incredible visual details,and a spiritual “certainty” that the person she saw in her NDE, was in fact, the man she was destined to meet, many years later.

Of course, this did later come true, and to her mind, provides impeccable “proof” that spiritual soulmates are real, and what awaits us on the otherside is the complete spiritual story of our soul (and soulmates), whereas this life, is merely but a small glimpse of a much larger (and lovelier) reality.

What do YOU believe? Check out the NDE below, at the link, following the short excerpt that follows.

Standing beside her was a tall handsome man, wearing an aqua, iced-blue dress shirt. He was standing at a 45 degree angle under the word globe sign that I described earlier. In his hands, was a device that was as big as a cellphone by comparison. I had never seen anyone whom fits his description prior to my NDE. In that moment, I thought of him as a ‘mystery man’, and was literally able to feel his energy. He radiated such a positive vibe and a feeling of belonging. It felt as if I had seen him in a past spiritual realm at one time, or was going to encounter his presence. We never verbally spoke. We telepathically communicated with each other in my NDE. I could see into his soul, almost as if he was just as captivated by me, as I was him. I stared up at this tall man and my heart fluttered for the first time ever. There were visions of us riding on a bus together and laughing. These visions flashed before my eyes, just as my life review did, while on the left side. Nearby scenery revealed white birds in a lake, while the bus was in motion. He had complete adoration for me while holding this electronic device. A feeling of adoration and unadulterated shock ran through my system, as I stared intently at the glow around him. There were 2 buttons on this device. A red button on the left in which there were a few squiggly lines. However, the lines didn’t seem to form any words. A blue button was on the right of this device, measuring significantly larger than the red button on the left. The words ‘send back’ were written in bold black letters just below the blue button.

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