If you want to read a great book on a skeptical look at ghost hunting and the paranormal, that has a fun surprise twist, check out “Will Storr Vs the Paranormal” on Amazon. Not only is Will a phenomenal writer, the book is highly entertaining, and full of great surprises that are sure to impress and inspire skeptics, believers and everyone in between alike.

Will has some truly unexpected experiences while searching for ghosts, and exploring haunted locations on a “lark” for a writing assignment, and some of his eye opening (and downright spooky) ethereal interactions will surprise you – EVEN if you’re already a believer.

The book is great. We highly recommend it – and more than just being an inspired peek behind the magical, mysterious world of ghost hunting (and the strange, silly and often weird personalities that are driven to this “work” – you’ll truly find yourself laughing and genuinely scared, often on the same page as well!

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