monica ten kateIf you haven’t heard of Monica Ten Kate, the Penn State Psychic Medium with an upcoming TV show in the works, you probably will.

If you haven’t heard about the recent outrageous example of close minded, skeptical bullying on the Penn State campus, you probably won’t……which is why we’re mentioning it here. Regardless of what you believe about spirituality, or the idea that you are more than a body, and the widely held notion by MOST of the worlds population throughout human history that there is some part of the puzzle that is US that is more than “stuff” and is invisible to eye….the truth is, the sort of treatment Monica Ten Kate received at the hands (and pens) of the student newspaper at Penn State (where she is a student) is truly embarrassing in it’s mean spiritedness. (no pun intended 🙂

Not believing that psychic mediums have any genuine claim to be able to speak to spirit is one thing. And being 100% certain that it’s IMPOSSIBLE (as the editor here clearly asserts) that spirit communication is in fact possible, simply because he knows, without any shadow of a doubt, what happens after death….and then attacking a fellow student publically as a liar, and shaming her for what she clearly believes she can do, should be something that all of us take notice.

I don’t know if Monica Ten Kate is authentic or not. But that’s really not the point. By virtue of the fact that the editor of the paper claims that ALL psychic mediums are fraudulent as the basis of his mean spirited attack, and uses the equally as maligned (by all sides) “James Randi Psychic Challenge” as the best evidence that there is no proof psychic ability is true, I believe that another apology, and retraction is in order.

Check out the full story at the link following the short excerpt below.

“The best part of being a medium is the gift I get to give people that I read,” Ten-Kate said in an interview with Onward State last fall. “Just being able to see their face change from sadness to tears of joy from hearing from their loved ones is probably one of the best feelings I could ever have.”

Much like “Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo, Ten-Kate “uses her gifts to connect with your loved ones and deliver healing messages from them,” according to her website. Ten-Kate offers in-person readings as well as readings over Skype. However, in recent months, she has received so many reading requests that she has had to stop scheduling reading sessions entirely until further notice.

That was followed a day later by a pitch-perfect editorial from features editor Noel Purcell, which took a quick tour of charlatanism before inserting the knife:

As we reported yesterday, Monica Ten-Kate, the “Penn State Medium,” is indeed getting her own reality show on ABC Family — if nothing else, that much is true. Unfortunately, in trying to provide a relevant piece of news to the Penn State community, we inadvertently promoted one of the most fraudulent, predatory practices around: psychic readings. Our mission statement promises that Onward State will work to generate honest conversation in the hopes of enriching the Penn State community and experience. Yesterday’s article did not do that, and we hope to rectify that. We apologize for the oversight, and are issuing a full retraction of that piece.

After we published the article, Ten-Kate and her publicists requested that we “correct” several parts, claiming there were errors. She was absolutely right. There were significant mistakes in our piece. Instead of reporting critically, we presented her implausible assertions at face value, and implied that Ten-Kate can actually speak to the dead. In reality, she most certainly can’t talk to the dead, because that’s quite simply impossible. Anyone who claims to have that power is a liar. We apologize for any confusion or ire this may have caused amongst our readership, and we appreciate your comments.

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