Gordon Smith – “The Psychic Barber”

gordon smith mediumGordon Smith is one of the most extraordinary and gifted psychic mediums in the world today. If you’ve seen him live (as we have a number of times) you know that this is NOT an over-statement. In my own experience, most good, world class professional mediums offer an interesting array of information that runs the gamut from hyper specific, to vague and general, and for most who seek out their spiritual guidance, holding those moments of inspired intution and insight is what offers up the validation that they are real.

Other mediums are simply so consistently good, or have some sort of unique special skill (like spirit artistry for example, something that never fails to blow ME away!) that you walk out of a room, or a reading, or a demonstration, fully convinced you’ve seen something incredible and extraordinary. (and that defies all of the skeptical or cynical explanations that other folks want you to believe happened…..when they weren’t there to witness it for themselves)

I’m lucky in that I’ve had many of these experiences over the years, with many gifted spiritual teachers, trainers, mentors and mediums along the way.

Gordon Smith, I dare say… certainly in a super small, special upper echelon of elite mediums, whose work consistently defies even the most skeptical of explanations, and whose evidential offerings epitomize what good mediumship should be.

Check out the great write up of a recent Gordon Smith demonstration by Dr. Piero Calvi-Parisetti, one of the leading new “lights” in the beacon of not only proving that the afterlife is TRUE, but in how mediums, and messages from spirit can transform our lives in all sorts of amazing ways, from our experience of love and loss, holding on to healing and hope, and finding magic and meaning in an often overwhelmingly challenging world.

You can read the full article about Gordon Smith’s mediumship, and the rest of Dr. Parisetti’s blog, including his innovative course on transforming grief, at the link following the short excerpt below. Enjoy 🙂

Amongst the many striking examples, I remember one in particular. At some stage, Gordon moved towards the left of the stage and said “I have a gentleman who has been shot in the head”. That’s quite a precise statement to make. If you wanted to “fish” for information and wanted to use a violent death, you would have mentioned a stabbing, as some areas of the city are still stained by a tragic knife culture. But he talked about being shot in the head, and went on saying that it wasn’t the person’s fault – he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. As he continued giving details, a lady in the audience, a few rows in front of the part of the stage he had moved to, said “I know the person you’re talking about – I know the full story”.

Gordon then said that there had been no justice for this crime, that the legal proceedings were left hanging. The lady confirmed that. Then he said that the murdered gentleman’s mother was still here, and that she took the events so badly that she had to be hospitalised in a psychiatric institution. The lady in the audience said “Yes, I know, I went to visit her in hospital the other day”. That was the moment when another lady, up in the gallery, where we were, and in fact a couple of seats to my left, stood up and called “Gordon, Gordon, it’s my brother you’re talking about. The lady in hospital is my mum.”

It is the late Archie Roy, Emeritus Professor of Astronomy at Glasgow University and the one who extensively investigated Gordon Smith who wrote “There is, of course, a wide spectrum of mediumistic ability, from marvellous to mediocre. It would appear that, as with almost any other human activity, there are superstars, stars, and barely luminous glow worms! Sometimes, as has been known for more than a century, the entire range of brightness can be shown by the same medium at different time.”

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