You aren’t alone!  And the good news is, we’ve got the perfect paranormal realtor for you 🙂  Here is a great article on some of the challenges of selling a house inhabited by the ethereal energies of those no longer living.  (or said in the less politically correct venacular you don’t want to put on the MLS – when your house is full of GHOSTS!  🙂

Knowing your niche is important in ANY profession….and when you are a realtor who loves selling haunted houses, launching your own “Past Life Homes” brand is, in my view, a stroke of brand building genius.  Check out the full article at the link following the short excerpt below, and of course….if you’ve got a haunted house to sell, give Cindi Hagley a call.  (don’t forget to mention this post – we want our 1% referral fee 🙂


Cindi Hagley knows your dilemma. The San Francisco-area real estate agent has made a specialty of selling houses that are thought to be inhabited by spirits or have some kind of notorious reputation. In real estate, such homes are known as stigmatized. They carry a generally unsavory image because of spooks, a violent crime or some other tragedy that occurred there, and thus are harder to sell.

Hagley, who has a mainstream real estate business but maintains a branch called Past Life Homes, says she sells several such properties a year. She also acts as a consultant to consumers and agents around the country who are struggling to sell homes that have such a taint. Typically, the situation isn’t as dramatic as, say, “The Amityville Horror,” she explained. Whether it comes down to booting out the ghosts or merely working around the fact that a house has been a grisly crime scene, there are ways to make a stigmatized home more palatable to the average buyer, Hagley said.

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