What should I expect from my appointment with a psychic? Do all psychics speak to the dead? If not…..why not? Can a psychic medium force a spirit to show up? What does it mean when my loved one does NOT appear?

Alot of people have A LOT of questions about the process of seeking out psychic or spiritual advice. The truth is, it’s very difficult to predict how a particular reading will go….who will appear, who won’t, or why.

One of my favorite quotes about a successful psychic reading is that it takes 3 parties to cooperate for a spirit reading to be good. YOU. The medium. And your loved one in spirit. (and of course, there may be even other factors outside of our understanding which influence how readily the energy may be available)

For some good tips on what to expect when seeing a medium, check out the short but very informative article below. (you can read the whole thing at the link following the short excerpt below)

Operator Assistance: Using a Medium

If after trying to make the connection yourself you choose to seek the services of a medium or psychic, be discerning. You will want to find someone who has a word-of-mouth clientele and remember that the medium need not be famous to be good. Many clairvoyants or psychics will include spirit communication in a session without ever referring to their service as mediumship, so don’t become fixated on the séance and medium schtick. Just ask while making your appointment whether the reader is able to work with spirit communication should it arise.

When you call for an appointment, also be sure to relate nothing significant about yourself or the departed you may wish to contact. During the reading make an effort to keep facial expressions to a minimum. Don’t answer questions unless the medium has first volunteered information. Be demanding: require that the communication contain material that leaves no room for doubt. Hearing the name or nickname of the departed or being offered a symbol or memory that only you two share are good barometers of authenticity

For example, when my grandmother came to me through a clairvoyant a few years ago, the first symbol she presented was that of a ring. This was my definitive clue–when my grandmother died my mother found the ring I had given her as a child tucked away in a drawer, still in the original box. This ring was returned to me and is today the only possession of my grandmother’s that I own. I keep it in a safe it means that much to me.

When I was doing a reading for a client recently, a woman in spirit appeared holding a basket in her hands. I relayed that the deceased woman was about the same age as the client and that she was distinguished by her creativity while alive. The message from the spirit was that the client needed to return to some sort of creativity in her life. The client then related to me that this must be her departed sister-in-law with whom she had run a gift-basket business in addition to her regular job. After her sister-in-law’s death, she had not resumed the business, nor any other creative business outlet. The symbol of the basket was instrumental for the client in identifying the spirit and in trusting that the communication was authentic.



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