The moon card, at it’s core, represents mystery. Salacious secrets. Invisible illusions and a path pitted with murky mysterious moves you might yet make 🙂 Okay, that was a little bit over dramatic!

From Wikihow –

Drawn upright, the moon card generally symbolizes uncertainty, mystery, and illusion. You’ll likely draw the moon card when the path ahead of you is unclear or you’re entering a time of confusion. You might even be dealing with secrets and illusions.[1] Treat the card as a signal to reflect and examine what’s going on underneath the surface.[2]

Check any assumptions you’ve made—things might not be as they seem. If you’re feeling a bit uneasy about what’s ahead, dig deeper and ask yourself, “Why am I feeling this way?”

  • Try journaling about your dreams to unlock the secrets within your subconscious.
  • Go with your gut rather than relying on logic. The moon is closely linked to your intuition.

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