Think the idea of communicating with spirit guides is silly?  Maybe you have grown convinced that there really IS no such thing as an afterlife….or ethereal energies that continue on after this life is over.

The truth is, there are a multitude of extraordinary ways that ordinary people have gotten personal PROOF that the afterlife is not only real, but that are simple, repeatable ways for crossing the “veil” through communication, in THIS life….right now.

Now, before we continue to far, I’d like to make one simple statement of personal truth.  I don’t really believe in “death”.  I believe in life.  Life now…and life later.  While the FORM of your awareness and the energy that animates us DOES change from the physical to the energetic after death, your creativity and consciousness does NOT end.  (nor does your ability to communicate with those that remain here)

Here are 2 super simple ways to communicate with spirit guides that can be done from home.

1 – EVP.

Better known as electronic voice phenomena or or ITC (instrumental transcommunication) is the very simple, yet amazingly effective way of communicating with the other side through voice recordings, or in some extreme cases, phone calls and/or visually captured images.

Before you laugh this off as silly….there are tens of thousands of EVP’s you can listen to that are quite amazing online, captured across every culture, country and continent, and some are so incredibly inspiring and crystal clear that the ONLY way to explain them away is fraud.  Also note that Thomas Edison was working on a spirit phone prior to his passing…and the engineering GIANT and genius Nikolai Tesla was also fascinated with the idea of using a phone to communicate with spirits.  (and actually accused Edison of stealing his idea)

2 – EMDR

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a psychological tool used to help, heal and offer hope to people who have suffered post traumatic stress disorder.  One of the amazing “side effects” reported by many people who have had this proven technique done?  They’ve reported seeing spirits….and having intense, interactive and often incredibly healing experiences with loved ones that have been lost.

Some studies show that 90% of people who will do a very specific type of EMDR will have visitation experiences with spirit…and this includes some people you would never think would “believe” in the paranormal….like soldiers coming back from war, police and firefighters, and front line paramedics in conflict zones.

There are of course, MANY more…..including using a psychomanteum, which is very similar to scrying or using a mirror to facilitate an after death encounter (made popular by Dr. Raymond Moody, who pioneered the modern near death experience movement) as well as guided mediation,s visualization, using spiritual tools and techniques, and of course….simply seeing or speaking to a qualified medium.

What about YOU?  What are your favorite ways to communicate with spirit……OR, are you simply curious but NOT yet convinced?

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