I have a word for John Edwards – it starts with an ‘f’ and ends in a ‘d’

OPINION: I am not sure it gets much lower than capitalising on people’s grief by taking money for talking to the dead, but the whole thing is selling snake-oil to mugs.

To our eye, this is a completely unfair assesment of psychic medium John Edwards.  It’s fairly astonishing how many skeptics completely carry their own biases and beliefs into any objective accounting of a mediumship demonstration – and while there are, no doubt, many frauds and charlatans in the psychic world, it’s hard to argue that what John Edwards is doing, matches the least generous interpretation of what skeptics see, when he does this thing.  (if you start from the position that psychic mediumship is ALWAYS a grift, you end up coloring everything you observe through the prism of fakery, fraud and charlatanism, something I have not observed while watching Edwards work – both in private, and in public alike)

What do you believe?  Is John Edwards simply scamming people, and the rest of us are gullible rubes?  Tell us what you think in the community comments below!

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