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21 unique exercises, insights, and workbook prompts for intuitive empaths, heroic healers, spiritual seekers and enlightened entrepreneurs. Everything you need to enhance your intuition, increase your understanding and explore the wild, weird and wonderful life of being a gifted empathic. A printable workbook that will help you embrace your intuition and natural gifts – join us!

If you are feeling overwhelmed as an empath, healer or spiritually sensitive person, the truth is, you are not managing your gift (nor boundaries) in a skillful way.

Empaths FEEL the energy of others in a way that most people don’t. So it’s important for you to “protect” yourself a bit more than most, especially when walking into situations that can be emotionally charged. (arguments, family events, relationship drama, etc…..all of these can overpower an empath in a way that ordinary people don’t, simply because we take on the inner experience, ENERGIES of all of the players in the drama, not just our own)

It’s important to:

meditate, draw or journal (or have some sort of creative outlet for your energies – the vast majority of empaths/spiritually sensitive people we know are also prolific creatives – use visualization, art, writing and self inquiry to grow.

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