If you thought 2020 was crazy, some of our favorite psychics have been making predictions about 2021 that just might blow your mind 🙂

Will Biden win the presidency?  (about 80% of the psychics in our community say YES….but some of the same psychic mediums who predicted Trump would win in 2o16, have some super crazy predictions for what’s coming this year and what lies ahead in general)

How will your life change in 2021?  Will covid finally come to an end.   Will we get a safe vaccine by Spring?  How will the world deal with all of the crazy calamities that keep getting foisted in our faces…..seemingly a new one each and every day?  Will Trump step down if he’s defeated?  And if not….why not, and what other shoes will drop?

We’re going to be keeping a list of psychic predictions from some of our favorite private list of recommended psychic mediums, remote viewers, astrologers, tarot readers and future predictors extraordinaire!  We’ll be updating this page with all sorts of unusual, amazing, outrageous, crazy and completely unscientific rants, readings and precognitive predictions from the most interesting and courageous clairvoyants from around the web….and the world.

Bookmark this page for easy reference – it’s going to be a wild ride!

Will Trump be re-elected? (October 2020 update)

The vast (and I do mean VAST 🙂 majority of the psychics, tarot readers and gifted empaths in our extended community believe that not only will President Trump lose the election, but that he will lose by historic numbers. (there are one or two well known psychics we have heard from over the last week or so who believe Trump will indeed win, but that is decidedly the minority opinion as this point)

The bad news? Most of those we’ve spoken to also believe that we are in for some pretty challenging post election times in the US – with all sorts of strife, conflict, violence and struggle. I don’t say this lightly, as it’s something that I do think is scary for those of us used to law, order and some degree of civility in our culture and community, but if we listen to those who “feel” the future in a way much different than most, this is a pretty unanimous point of view.

There is much to be hopeful for as well – and we’ll be talking about the love, light and change that is much needed….and right around the corner.

In Love with the World

In Love with the World

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