What does it mean to be an empath?  Is being an empath a real thing, or is it a make believe spiritual superpower that gullible (or self important) spiritual seekers want to think is true?

The rise in interest in empaths over the last few years has been dramatic.  People all over the web (and the world) are self diagnosing themselves as “empaths” often lumping and conflating a whole bunch of qualities, traits and experiences as falling under the rubrik of being spiritually gifted or sensitive.

(we recently had a well known psychiatrist who is also a member of our community telling us that many of her younger patients are coming in convinced that their psychological difficulties are now all attributable to their “empathic” gifts.

Here is the truth.

There is no real consistent empirical classification of what an empath really is.  Some of us (especially those of us in the psychic/spiritual business) naturally feel things far more deeply than others.

People in the helping/healing industries often are incredibly attuned and sensitive to the suffering of others.  Some of us are incredibly intuitive and “feel” things in the atmosphere that other ordinary people overlook.

All of these things are 100% true – and 100% relatable if you’re someone who has these sorts of experiences, or the avalanche of other types of sensations, feelings and intuitions that can feel overwhelming…..if you’re a spiritually or emotionally sensitive person.

But an empath, or someone who at least by our definition meets that standard, has a whole set of other qualities that makes us different.

We’re going to be covering many of these in a new series (and a dedicated learning community) specifically for those of you who want to increase or enhance your natural intuitive gifts.

So you think you’re an empath?   Take a quick empathic survey..…and share your unique spiritual experiences or insight, here.

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