Matt Fraser has become a psychic celebrity (But is He the Real Deal?)

The former EMT, who once offered psychic readings out of an East Providence beauty salon, has become a wildly successful medium with bookings across the country.

Interesting article on one of the more controversial psychic mediums we’ve featured on our community.  Matt Fraser is certainly one of the hardest working and marketing savvy psychic mediums you’ll find…….and there is no doubt, he has many fans, followers and true believers in his camp.    There are many others who have been quite vocal about their disappointment in his readings, and public events alike.  Is Matt Fraser a genuinely gifted and sincere psychic?  Or is he merely a great entertainer with an uplifting message who is benefiting from our collective will to believe?  Check out some of Matt Fraser’s reviews on our community….or go check out one of his many local events and decide for yourself. 🙂

  1. Rob Scott

    He is an absolute Fraud, who seems to be using Cold Reading techniques and extensive online background checks on the people he picks to read. Using the info, they supply him with when they book and pay for an event beforehand! Another Grief Vampire laughing his way to the band. They say it offers hope and comfort to many, but you know it’s a FALSE hope and comfort. People who can’t deal with the truth would rather live and believe the Lies! There are many good critiques out there clearly exposing him. I have attended several online group readings and never get picked! I guess my lost loved ones who I didn’t get to say goodbye to in Covid have nothing to come forward and say? Lol.. People must band together to expose the many Frauds like him, and it’s happening! No scientific evidence to back him up at all!

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