How to Talk to Spirits in Dreams

Have you ever had a “dream visitation experience” with a loved one who has crossed over?

Have you ever had a spiritual dream so incredibly lucid and vivid, that when you woke up, you were 100% sure that the spirit of your loved one visited you in the middle of the night?

Believe it or not, spirit visitation ADC’s (after death communications) are amongst the most common, and have been for centuries….across many cultures, continents and communities of beliefs.

There are many types of spirit dreams, and in this short article, psychic medium Rebecca Rosen describes her experiences of communicating with spirit in dreams, and how you can begin to explore these amazing ethereal experiences for yourself.

The experience feels incredibly real (because it is!) and we wake up with a deep knowing of their presence with us. But this presence is an energy – not a physical body. It’s their eternal soul self, the God spark within that transcends space and time and death as we know it.

When spirits appear to us, it’s common for them to take on the appearance of their old body at whatever age they choose to recreate. Not for their need, but for our own sense of familiarity and comfort.

But, just like what I experience when I do my readings, they don’t rely on their body to communicate their messages. Rather they send an impression of energy into our mind and body. This comes in the form of our thoughts and feelings. It’s a telepathic way of communicating their messages to us. And it does not require a mouth or vocal chords to accomplish their goal.

My dad often appears to me in my dreams, and we have lengthy and meaningful conversations, only he never moves his mouth and I don’t physically hear him. Rather I see him, and feel and know his messages as he telepathically communicates with me.

One of the best ways to begin to connect with your loved ones in spirit while you sleep?

Set an intention, but NOT an expectation.

One of the things that trips people up, is confusing intentions with expectations. If you expect the magical and mysterious world of the unknown to work around YOUR intentions, you are bound to be disappointed. Instead, stay open, stay curious, connected and persistent with your intention to open up to the unseen and invisible world….without feeling a sense of entitlement. (this has been key for many of our readers)

Keep a notebook, or journal handy – and if you DO start having the stirring of spiritual encounters while you sleep, write them down IMMEDIATELY upon waking. This takes some discipline, and some continuity to turn into a habit, but it’s very useful….especially for validating and remembering profound experiences.

What about you? Have you had a dream visitation experience? If so…..tell us about it on FB, or in the community comments below.

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