Has anyone had a reading with Matt Fraser, the psychic medium from Boston, Massachusetts?

We’ve had several recent questions about recommending Matt Fraser’s private readings….and the truth is, I have no idea who he is!  Several of our subscribers have seen Matt in a group setting, or on his Youtube channel (see below) and we’ve had various opinions on the style and substance of his sessions.  (some enjoyed……and a few others, NOT so much 🙂

As always, our objective is to keep it 100% real and let the people who know best guide us – so if you’ve had a reading with Matt Fraser, for good….for ill, or anywhere in between, we’d love to hear about it!  Simply share your experiences in the community comments below, or email us (suddenlypsychic AT gmail.com) to chime in on your thoughts and experiences with Matt….OR, any  other psychic, medium or spiritual teacher you think we ought to know about.

For some more on Matt’s readings, check out the video below.  (we also briefly checked out a book he published on Amazon, and while it’s hard to really form an opinion on someone’s authenticity via the written word alone – didn’t find the book as insightful, or as inspiring as many others in our genre)

An important update and note:

As one of our visitors pointed out to me via email, many of the reviews of Matt Fraser found in the search results (on Google) are on sites that look to have been created by Matt, or his friends or family, to display more positive results when folks are searching for his name.

See examples like –


Or –


This is a very common search engine “optimization” technique for folks interested in Do it Yourself reputation management, and is a bit deceptive and surprising to see a legitimate professional of any kind trying to “game” the search results on his or her name. (picture Theresa Caputo, or Kim Russo, or John Edward or any other world class medium creating webpages with their name + “review” to try to influence public perception.

While this does NOT say anything about Matt Fraser’s psychic readings, it does say a little bit about the style and substance of how he and his close advisors are building his brand. Thanks to our reader for pointed this out to me, and of course, if you’ve had a reading with Matt Fraser, we’d love to hear you review your experience – good, bad, or anywhere in between.

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Hi! I'm Angela! I am a life long spiritual seeker, ethereal explorer and overall oddball! I am spiritual life coach (my day job and my passion!)....and a part time writer/blogger/happiness manager for this (and our other) psychic and spiritual communities. I count many talented psychics, mediums and spiritual teachers as my closest friends, and love this journey. Email me Angela@karmicconsulting.net, or say hi on Facebook!

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  1. I had a reading with Matt and besides the 6-month wait and price tag, it was very to the point.He nailed a lot of things and a lot came true. What did not yet come true needs time but he did not give me time frame for that,in regards to my deceased family members who stepped forward and spoken to me through him-everything, was on point, but only time will tell how much of it will come true as far as his predictions.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Lalo! Much appreciated and i’m sure many will be happy to hear of a good experience with Matt Fraser!

  2. I am happy to find this information. I go through phases of wanting to speak to one of the super-expensive, wait-list, marketing genius type psychic/mediums. I was reminded of Matt Fraser today, via his e-mail newsletter. He’s pushing a psychic cruise, and now has the opportunity for us commoners to sign up for a private reading, albeit there is a 7 month wait. He charges $450.00 for 45 minutes to one hour. That’s the part that reminded me of Sylvia Browne and Miss Cleo. Are you kidding me? This clown wants to share his gift, but only if I am willing to throw $450.00 clams at him? Oh, and if I am in some kind of urgent need, I am invited to book with his mother, who is apparently wait-free. Um, yeah, Sylvia Browne pulled that too. Her people would offer a reading with her kid for a fraction of the cost. That fraction still happened to be nearly $500.00.
    I have not booked with Matt Fraser, nor did I ever speak to Sylvia Browne or Miss Cleo. I am personally offended by someone who would charge that much money to perhaps connect with a dead relative of mine. Don’t get me wrong, I have paid a sh*t ton of money over a period of years plodding through one fake reading after the next. Between me and my two girlfriends who have tried to find an authentic psychic over the years, we have perhaps found only one that got accurate predictive information, but still didn’t provide any specifics for my dead people.
    I am so grateful to have saved $450.00 today.

    1. Hi T – thanks for the comment – and much of what you write above is 100% spot on – there is a huckster-ish quality to many of the folks who are better marketing mavens – than mediums – and it’s often difficult to discern which is which. One of the “rules” I set out when we built this community (as we run many spiritual growth, mindfulness + spiritual transformative oriented sites) – was that we wouldn’t publish the same pollyana-ish “reviews” that many of the other sites in this space do (sites like Bob Olson’s bestpsychicdirectory.com for example – I don’t think i’ve ever seen a bad review published on any of the folks he reviews – and yet, many of those same people are on our site – and we often get folks who’ve had negative experiences (or disappointing experiences) with those same people – it’s hard to imagine they don’t submit them there as well) – so we appreciate you stopping by and sharing your truth – it’s only through transparency and trust – that this field will find it’s footing. (I’m fairly agnostic about mediums – but have had some very interesting and inspiring experiences that do lead me to believe consciousness continues can survive the death of the body – if that is true – it’s not hard to believe that there are those amongst us who can tap into that energy/information or alivness – and bring back something worth knowing 🙂

    2. Dear T McGee,
      In deed ,save your money.Matt Frazer is a very nice man. But that’s it. A “gifted “medium? No…
      I also have spent a small fortune seeking answers from these high priced mediums, only to be VERY disappointed and left hurt and broke!!
      What I have learned by this very expensive lesson is how “trained”(not possessing a special gift) they are to be able to read YOUR angst. Your answers , and how much info. you give them, unwillingly .They also can read your vocal tone as well.They are performers.Nothing more..
      My late husband had a SPECIAL name for me. Just to tease me. Not one was able to bring this forth.So what is this telling you about their”gifts”? Wouldn’t my late husband tell them this name to let me know it was truly HIM that was speaking? Of course he would..
      Don’t get me wrong.I FINALLY found two that were truly gifted and were doing this work to help you with your closure and to heal.Not to bleed you dry … How truly sad this is that calling yourself a gifted medium has turned into a big business ..Oh well. Karma is a b—-.
      I wish you well on your quest….

  3. I really look forward your recommendations. I have spent a fortune! Money I really couldn’t afford to reach out to my late husband.He died so suddenly. Even though he was not well at all.None of us were expecting it so soon.He left me with so many unanswered questions. But then “the stories” started to come out, after his passing, which really made me feel so confused.That’s why I sought mediums for the truth..
    Can’t go back and change anything that has been said to me.I’m just trying to wipe it from my mind.I’ve erased all the negative recorded readings and thrown out all the notes I took.Maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to connect with someone that will give me information first. Without them , for lack of a better word, “fishing” for information.
    I’ll be emailing you later on for your recommendations .You are doing a fabulous job with this web site. It really has helped me greatly….

    1. LuLU,

      I wen to see Matt in Massachusetts a while ago, in hopes to hear from my beloved Grandmother to whom I was extremely close…I think any of us, “reaching” to another, asking fast questions like an investigator, can say the “correct” words at some point in time to apply to any/all of us waiting to hear. I save my money, and “talk” to my grandmother all the time, no matter where I am. She lets me know she’s there, as her “jean Nate” scent or roses, comes into the house and I know it’s here. Talk to your husband, ask him to come in and check on you and keep talking to him. You will know he’s there when he feels you are ready for him to come to you. They do not wish to disturb us, but I promise ,he will ‘stop in,” when you least expect it. Wishing you well.

      1. Subteach55,
        Thank you for your reply.You are so correct about “talking “directly to our loved ones instead of spending so much money reaching out to mediums.I wish someone was around to point this out to me before I spent a fortune seeking my answers via mediums.I have gotten so many signs from my late husband since his passing. But THE ONE that happened shortly after he passed, not one medium ever brought that forth.Not one ever told me the nickname he had for me either. And do you want to know why? because I never told any medium about them.I waited patiently for them to tell me.You’d be surprised, when you are so desperate to connect with a loved one, how much information you give a medium, without knowing it. I’m sorry to make this kind of comment on this web site, but it’s true. Each medium I spoke with did supply” some” information that was accurate.But for the most part, no. If every one of them is truly connecting with our loved ones, how come you get SO MANY conflicting stories??? I can’t even begin to tell you how many times the story has changed for me.But my biggest reason for being so skeptical now is,If our loved ones are connecting with these mediums, why do You have to ask about something that is crushing your soul?Shouldn’t our loved ones already know what we “need” to know and hear and bring this forth first ? I often wondered why ,if they are so “gifted”, they have have a disclaimer stating ” for entertainment only”. Now I know why.
        I truly believe some of them are being sincere and are trying to be helpful.As kind as some of them are,it’s still a business for them. I only wish they could fully grasp, when dealing with a serious issue some of us have, they knew the devastation they leave us with …
        I am so happy you are connecting with your Grandmother . May she always be with you until it’s your time to cross over. Then your happiness will be forever…..

  4. I just recently had a reading with Matt Fraser and he is a very lovely man. But his reading was very disappointing.Especially since I had to wait 4 months for this reading.
    Some of his comments were true. But for the most part, they were incorrect.I was so hopeful to learn the truth. To have these wonderful , comforting , loving messages from my loved ones.But I felt terrible afterwards.Not what I expected.

    1. Thanks for sharing! Sorry to hear your reading with Matt Fraser wasn’t good – and we hope you are able to get those messages from other folks who can offer them – without needing to wait 4 months next time as well. If it is any consolation (and I know it’s hard when your expectations are shattered) – but many people (including myself) have had that experience, and sometimes, those messages you missed with a medium, tend to arise unexpectedly, on their own.

      1. Thank you for your kind reply, irh.He has not been my first disappointment, as far as accurate readings. There are a lot of charlatans proclaiming to have” the gift”.I have learned a lot how anyone can train to read for people. Its a real shame that some can take advantage of souls that are grieving or in pain. But Matt was my most expensive.Again I say, he was a very lovely man. But he was more wrong than right…

        1. I agree with you, 100%. As I’ve said many times on this site (and others – we manage a bunch of different spiritual communities online) – I tend to be far more skeptical and careful, than most of my peers, even others who write for our sites – simply because I’ve seen the very same thing – and like to err on the side of keeping my mind open, but not so open that my brains fall out – while watching this work. The truth is, there are many people who “claim” to be doing all sorts of things – who are cringeworthy to watch – and who seem to be either preying on the gullibility of others – or the wishful thinking component that is always at play in these things – and offer up vague generalities that are meaningless as evidence of anything at all. Matt Fraser is not someone I’ve had experience with – I simply cannot comment – but, what I’ve seen of him – to me, is suspect – and not someone I’d feel called to want to check out more closely – by dint of my own intuition. If you want a few names – feel free to drop me a line (suddenlypsychic@gmail.com) – and for future reference – if you choose to have another reading down the road – i’ll share some of whom our members have really liked and been super impressed with. Sorry that you’ve had a bad experience – and having suffered through losses – i know it’s a vulnerable time.

          1. Again, thank you for your kind words and verifying that I am not the only one who has had suffered at the hands of some of these “ungifted” mediums, irh.
            I think you will appreciate a story about one of my first medium readings. Now, please keep in mind, my husband of 37 years had recently passed and I was desperate to “talk” to him. The very first thing she said to me was; ” wow what a flirt your husband is! He’s flirting with me!! ” Was this my husband? NO. Not unless he had duel personalities . Which he did not.Would he suddenly pick someone like her to flirt with?Certainly not! Then she proceeded to tell me he was emotionally cheating on me with a woman that had reddish blond hair and a slight stomach. Did this description fit any woman he worked with? Again, NO.Did she provide me with any name? No.She then got defensive with me when I questioned her reading, and blasted me on her facebook page for not being able to accept the truth from spirit.
            You’d think I would have learned my lesson and not proceed forward seeking mediums.But these past four years I continued.
            For the most part, even though I was never really given names or facts first, the readings were comforting and contained true statements.But there was others that were hurtful and cruel.
            Yes, I most certainly will drop you a line. But I must lick my wounds first and recover financially. I am a cancer survivor and getting ready for reconstructive surgery.
            Please remember me when I do get back to you. And thank you for having a venue where you can post truthful statements.

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