Activating the Energy Body

There are a wide variety of after death communication experiences that can your life.  What do YOU believe?  (and why?)
There are a wide variety of after death communication experiences that can your life. What do YOU believe? (and why?)

What happens after death is so unspeakably glorious that our imagination and
our feelings do not suffice to form even an approximate conception of it. The dissolution of our time-bound form in eternity brings no loss of meaning.
– Carl Jung

Anyone ever tell you that you’ve got a really “sexy” energy body?  🙂  

In this short exercise…’re going to get a crash course on how to activate the amazing intuitive energy that lives within each of us, using proven meditative techniques that feel absolutely awesome….and work wonderfully well as well.

This is a no nonsense spiritual strategy for increasing your intuition, expanding your awareness, and most
importantly, waking UP, slowing down and transforming your life in powerful and purposeful ways.

What you should expect from this simple exercise?

Well, it’s 1 simple technique amongst many others that we teach and preach (and use everyday ourselves)…..but we hope that you’ll start:

  • To be inspired to look more deeply, and see the world around you a bit more differently.
  • To feel more empowered, enlivened and inspired to explore the magic and mystery of
    your own place in the wild, wacky and wonderful world around us all.
  • To have practical, easy to try and apply spiritual development tools and techniques that
    WORK. (and that you can explore from home)
  • This is not just about increasing your intuition or merely becoming “psychic”.
    Instead, it’s about re-discovering the part of you that is most alive, awake and engaged
    with the world around you.

The REAL Secret?

Once you realize, through personal experience, that there is more to life than just your
body – everything changes and the real MAGIC begins to happen!


Ready to get started?

Let’s start with a simple, symbolic story that I love…and will make a lot of sense to you as
your awareness expands

There are these two young fish swimming along and they happen to meet an older fish
swimming the other way, who nods at them and says “Morning, boys. How’s the water?”

And the two young fish swim on for a bit, and then eventually one of them looks over at
the other and goes “What the heck is water?”

– THIS IS WATER: David Foster Wallace 2005

There are 2 core ideas from this very simple, silly but sweet story I’d love you to consider:

1: I want you to consider the notion that like the fish in the little story above – you too are swimming in the very warm waters of something magical and mysterious and almost invisible to your everyday awareness.

But once you realize you are in living in an endless ocean of energy, information and awareness, you begin to wake up to the true magic and meaning of life.

2: The more energy you can activate in your body, the more you can dissolve the space between your own personal boundary and the spiritual sea we’re ALL swimming in – all the time.

When this A-ha moment arises, the more awake, alive and connected to that creation consciousness you’ll become. (as a matter of fact, I can promise from my own experiences, that this is 100% true)

Let’s talk some core concepts for psychic and spiritual development that work wonderfully well for activating energy in the body.

7 basic “laws” for my own meditation practice:

  • Intention (what you seek)
  • Attention (where you focus)
  • Sensation (what it feels like)
  • Location (Where you feel it)
  • Visualization (what you see)
  • Concentration (cultivating the super power of fierce focus)

And, not necessarily a rule, but every important, the 7th and final instruction.
Repetition (practice makes perfect, and the more you train your brain…..the more open and expansive your awareness becomes)

We are going to use these 7 “rules” to wake up your energy body, expands your awareness and increase your intuition in a whole suite of spectacular ways…..starting today.

A Crash Course in Awakening the Energy Body (the cup of consciousness)

You are an energy body.


At our core, we are all spiritual beings having an embodied experience.
Your dense physical body masks this true nature, but we are going to lighten you, with

I promise 🙂


Let’s Begin below:

Sit in a position that feels dignified.

 (you can stand for this as well, but i find it’s easier to start off in a sitting, relaxed position)

Place your tongue at the roof of your mouth turn your hands up – fingers wide close your eyes

Get settled in your seat, and just focus on your breath for a moment, not forcing it or doing anything special – just allow yourself to notice the breath.

Notice where you feel the sensation of the breath in the body, at the tip of the nose or
in your belly

Allow yourself to relax and allow energy to move through you the way it naturally does
and wants to.

Don’t force it or analyze it.

There is no need to push or move towards or away from anything.

Just notice what you notice, without stress or straining or searching for anything specific
or special.

Your job is only to pay attention to what is already happening naturally in your body, on

it’s own….in every moment, whether you notice it or not.

Feel the space where your tongue touches the roof of your mouth.

Maybe you can feel it resting against your teeth

For a moment:

Just feel that – don’t push or apply pressure – just let your attention move to that location
and feel that sensation

Now, try to:

Feel energy in your hands

Start to move your attention to your hands

What do you feel?

If you are like many of us, you will already feel a tingling, warm sensation in the palms of
your hands.

With your eyes closed, using your attention….and staying with the breath……
try to get as close to that warm, tingling, prickly feeling as you can.

Just allow your attention to lose itself in the sensation of energy….and warmth in the

With your palms facing up, relax your fingers…..turn the palms so that they
are facing each other……and your fingers are facing the sky.

IF you are sitting on a chair that has arm rests, let your elbows rest on them.

Imagine you are holding a gentle cloud of energy between your hands.

Feel it’s warmth.

Feel it move in a circular direction between your hands

With your eyes still closed……

Visualize it.

Feel it’s soft, amorphous edges growing and flowing between your hands.

See it as a cloud of shape and color, within your control.

See if you move your hands wider what happens?

Now, try to direct energy from one palm….into the other.

Focus on sending warm energy from one palm into the other.

What does that feel like?

Notice the sensations

Can you feel sensation increasing, or intensifying when you direct energy, to the opposite hand?

With your palms still facing up, bring your middle finger and thumb together and gently press

Now train your attention on the feeling of pressure where the 2 fingers meet.

Try to get as “close” to the sensation of warmth, pressure, tingling, or whatever it is that
you feel in this moment

Many people feel a distinct circular energy moving through the hands at this point – if
you don’t – don’t worry, you eventually will.

(no pressure. (no pun intended! 🙂

Repeat the same general process as above, only now move the attention to your feet.

Feel heaviness in your feet….as if they are immovable, or anchored the floor.

Alternatively, feel your feet as light and airy, as if they are nothing more than diffuse
clouds of tingling sensation and formless energy.

Now, using the power of attention, combine the two:

See if you can totally lose or relinquish the feeling of your hands and feet – just picture a
could of energy, raw sensation (visualization and sensation)

Forget about your hands, and feet and body. Lose their shape and form if you can.

Just allow yourself to dissolve in the space of open energy, simple sensations and pure

Like the fish in water……

Can you recognize the similarity between that ocean of awareness and aliveness around
you….and the energy body within you?

And, ultimately, can you remove the borders and boundaries between “YOU”, the temporary physical body and it’s border and boundaries, and the ocean of endless energy and awareness in which you swim?

Can you dissolve into that?

You can. And you will! (we all will one day, whether we believe it or not)

The more practice you get now, the more familiar you become with your own energy
body, the more amazing, inspiring and cool things you’ll be able to access every day.

An extra credit exercise in the power of presence and the magic of mindfulness try to imagine you are holding a piece of string between your two hands, and that your entire world – your entire awareness, and focus, is located in the space of the string between your hands.

Let all other thoughts, ideas, distractions and mind wandering disappear, and simply stay in the space of your body – from one end of the invisible string to the other.

This is the power of presence.

Be in your body – now – as you already are – but now – with intention – and attention – allow yourself to focus on only the sensation of aliveness that arise in this space.

“Endings are not always bad. Most times they’re just beginnings in disguise.” Kim Harrison


How did this beginner exercise feel?  Being with the body is the key to transcending the body, and in my own experience, allowing myself to dissolve into the space of sensations is the very first step in a spiritual journey that has taken me, reliably, to places I once couldn’t have (and wouldn’t have) imagined existed.


Hope this inspired you a bit as well – and look for more advanced techniques from a number of our favorite spiritual authors, artists and ethereal explorers on our Facebook page in September!

PS: We want to hear from YOU!

Share your thoughts (and experiences!) with us in the community comments below, or on our Facebook page here!


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