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Now Reading: How to Meet Your Guardian Angel – These 3 Spiritual Techniques Work Wonders


How to Meet Your Guardian Angel – These 3 Spiritual Techniques Work Wonders

Guardian angel is often a term used metaphorically, or cryptically to refer to some sort of extraordinary energy that lies latent in all of us. Other times, it’s used to refer to quite literally, a spiritual entity or ethereal energy that lives in the universe around us. Some people think of their angels as a version of your authentic self or true spiritual nature. Some people think of their angels and guides interchangeably. Others believe there is a difference.

The truth is, it really matters not. The path to connecting with this energy is within you right now…..and for each of us, is usually only a matter of calling it forward.

There are about 10 really good ways to “meet” your guardian angel or spirit guides.

Let’s talk about 3 super simple ones that anyone can use…..starting right now.

1 – Listen with Your Skin

There is such a false sense in our culture that to “hear” you have to use your ears. The truth is, some of the most spiritual sounds come from listening with parts of your body (and spirit) that are not all that accustomed to sound. Your skin, for example……is the largest organ in your body, and can be an incredible instrument for intuition. When you allow your skin to become a conduit for sensations and intuitive impressions, some really amazing things start to magically appear in your universe. (including the appearance of all sorts of spiritual energies that are definitely NOT of this world 🙂

2 – Open Your Ethereal Eyes

Each of us has an inner sense of spiritual sight that I like to refer as ethereal eyes. The idea is not all that different from that mentioned above. Here is a simple exercise: With your eyes closed, count 10 breaths backward from 10 to 1. When you get to 1……with your eyes still closed, imagine opening your ethereal, or “inner” eyes really, wide and bright. What do you see? You’ll be amazed at first to discover that your sense of sight does NOT disappear because your ordinary eyes are closed. On the contrary….a bright and blissful and beautiful new world opens up, and you start to become aware of all sorts of amazing realities that your ordinary awareness filters out.

Within that spiritual space…..your angels and guides reside.

3 – Lastly, and most importantly….create a sacred spiritual space. Whether your intention is to see your guides, or merely to have a safe and sacred spot to explore the magic and mystery of the unseen universe, the truth is…having a sacred spiritual space that is yours to explore is critical to having extraordinary psychic experiences. You can use this space to invite all sorts of amazing things into your life, including friends and family you have lost, loved ones on the other side, angels and spirit guides and a whole lot of other cool stuff we don’t have time to cover here!

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    How to Meet Your Guardian Angel – These 3 Spiritual Techniques Work Wonders

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