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Press ESC to close Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry gives Tyler Oakley a message from his supportive great-grandmother. Plus, the YouTube star learns about his mother’s deep-rooted…

1 Min Read

What is Precognition? Precognition is the scientific name for a group of abilities that have to do with knowing or using information about the future without drawing on information from the five…

1 Min Read

We Got Readings From A Clairvoyant And It Was Weirdly Accurate Hello from the ~other side~. A fun article on a Tyler Henry reading that turned a few reluctant skeptics, into true blue believers.  Enjoy!   During his readings, Tyler…

1 Min Read

Who is Concetta Bertoldi? A few of our subscribers have asked about Concetta Bertoldi recently – after reading her popular NY Times best selling book(s) answering popular questions about being psychics, spirits, the afterlife…

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