Is Psychic Access Legitimate? How can I get a free reading by phone? Do they offer a money back guarantee……or coupons? If so… do I call them and claim my free reading?

We get a lot of questions about “free” or low cost psychic readings – especially from phone services that offer 24 hour psychic readings.

Of that group, there are only a 1 or 2 services we recommend, and Psychic Access is one of them.

psychic readings for love.

Why? Because they DO offer free 6 minute readings to new clients, callers and customers. Because we’ve never had a single bad review or negative experience reported to us about Psychic Access. And because the management of the company is honest, transparent and in our experience, available to help whenever an issue arises.

Here is the thing about free psychic readings by phone:

Many services are scams. All psychic readings by phone, when calling a 24 hour style service, should be looked at as a guilty pleasure and instant gratification, rather than some long wait for theraputic healing one might get from clergy, a spiritual coach, or even a medium you see in your local community.

We’ve had nothing but good experiences with Psychic Access, and many of our readers have reported better experiences with phone network readers like theirs, than expensive, often over-rated “celebrity” psychic mediums that are much harder to book. (and often NOT worth the mess or stress)

For psychic access reviews – check out some additional links from around the web, below. Alternatively, you can try their 6 minute free reading HERE, and let us know on Facebook, or the community comments below, how it was!

An element that helps put first time visitors at ease is the free minutes provided by the company. The first six minutes of a reading for new customers is free, offering the ability to determine the legitimacy of the psychic on a personal level.

As a result of offering six minutes free, new customers who have never had a reading before or who have been scammed in the past are able to put their mind at ease. The reading will allow new clients an opportunity to talk to a psychic and ask a few questions before paying anything for the readings.

Depending on the individual and the question, it might take more than the six free minutes to obtain the needed answers. Those who have relatively simple questions might obtain their answer within the short time period, making it a free reading that will give a clue into the appropriate actions to solve the personal problems.

Just had a really good reading with Matthea from psychic access. I gave her my name and my ex’s name and asked why i haven’t heard from him and the first thing out of her mouth was, “what’s this legal issue that he’s having?” Well that’s when I informed her that he was just recently released from jail for a year long sentence for a DUI and is now under house arrest. She also saw that he has children and said other stuff that blew me away. I gave her no info. Has anyone else read with her? I was very impressed!