“Empath by birth. If you’re an empath you were given healing power. Yes, kind of like a super hero.It doesn’t go away so, simply learn how to use it We’re not called upon to be perfect! Just do the best we can with what we’re given. I have this sense.. a beautiful sense.. that those whom we have helped with this gift of empathy HERE we will meet “over there”. Whether they acknowledge here or, not. It’s tough often to have this gift but, the rewards seem to far outweigh the cost. The happiest people are those who have learned to give until it hurts. Have you noticed? We’re always filled back up” – Angela Li

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  • 1.Feel the emotions of others without trying
    2.Get drained by overbearing personalities even if they’re not talking to us
    3.Sense spiritual dimensions that others ignore or find impossible to believe
  • 4.Are energized and improved by simply being alone
  • 5. Find it impossible to ignore the pain and immerse ourselves in the problems of those we love
  • 6. Side with the underdog and oppressed
  • 7. Feel called to social justice issues, even if we’re introverted and less likely to yell or scream (although some of us certainty can….and do!)

Am I a natural empath?  How can I tell?  What do empaths feel differently than most people?  Can being too empathic be a problem?  Can you be TOO sensitive to the emotions or energies of others?

1. You sense others’ pain and sadness.

2. You pick up quickly if someone means one thing, but says another.

3. You feel drained if you are around certain people.

4. You get strong first impressions of people—both negative and positive—that end up being spot on.

5. You see something sad—for instance, an animal being hit by a car—and it takes you much longer than others to stop feeling sad or sick about it.

6. Others don’t understand how deeply you feel and why you can’t just “let it go.”

7. You always feel like you view life from a different perspective than everyone around you. It seems like no one is “like you.”

8. You’ve experienced the sensation that you are feeling the pain of the whole world.

9. There are times when you feel so overwhelmed with the pain of the world that you want to crawl under the blankets and not interact with anyone for a few days.

10. You can’t watch or read the news or watch sad or violent movies because it’s too upsetting or makes you sick.

11. You repeatedly feel the same emotions or sensations around the same people. (For instance, every time you see a particular friend, you feel anxious or sad for no particular reason.)

New:  Listen to a simple 10 step meditation practice that is IDEAL for empaths, healers, light-workers and spiritually sensitive people.  This is our own step by step practice outline

(which we’ve used to teach many intuitive’s, mediums and spiritual seekers how to have out of body experiences and powerful psychic & transformative experiences in about 30 minutes!)

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Does any of this resonate with you? If you’ve felt isolated or ignored, overlooked or under appreciated, you may have a special spiritual sensitivity that CAN make you a spiritual superhero, if you’re ready to embrace it!

Learn a new way to see the world as an empath, healer, introvert, HSP and spiritual seeker. Join us in 2023 and get access to psychic development workshops, psychic mediumship readings, workbooks, workshops and private courses specifically for spiritually sensitive people. Join us!

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