Q: Which online psychic reading is the best? Can I get a real psychic reading by phone? Or, should I wait to see a local psychic in my community instead?

A: If you’re skeptical about calling a psychic, you aren’t alone. The most common question we get from our readers and subscribers is, are “telephone” psychic readings legitimate? And, are they as good as going to see a psychic or medium in person?

The answer to that question, in principle, is simple to answer. YES, phone readings with a LEGITIMATE psychic or medium are AS good as going to speak to that same psychic or medium in person. As a matter of fact, most people who study psychic readings in a scientific setting, would tell you that a phone reading, if you can get it, is FAR preferable. Why? Because there is much less opportunity for “cold” reading. The psychic can’t see you, read your body language, see your facial expressions, guess your background by dint of your clothing or appearance, and make other educated guesses about what you are there to find out simply by looking at you.

Phone readings are “blind” – the reader can only hear your voice, and therefore, you can have much more confidence about the content of the reading. (Especially when the reading is really GOOD, you won’t have to worry afterwards that you gave anything away when you sat in front of the reader face to face.

The best online psychic network, in our experience is Psychic Source. We’ve tried just about all of them. And Psychic Source has great readers, great rates, (especially for first time callers) and a great guarantee. (your money back if you aren’t incredibly impressed)

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