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KARMIC-LOGOThe truth?  Other directories that seek to match the public with psychic professionals charge HUNDREDS (or thousands!) of dollars per year, and ONLY publish positive “reviews” of their paid members.  You and I BOTH know that this is simply wrong….for both the genuinely gifted amongst us who TRULY have amazing experiences to offer, but also to those of us in the public, looking for accurate,  honest and AUTHENTICALLY gifted psychics, mediums and spiritual helpers in our time of need.

Instead…….we do the RIGHT thing and take recommendations from the the public on who YOU believe are the best psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, empathetic intuitives, TRUSTED teachers, trainers and authentic spiritual “guru’s” where you live, work and play, based on YOUR genuine experience…..& we publish them here so that others can  find them as well.

(we also invite fellow members of the clairvoyant community that WE like and admire…including authors, teachers, trainers and ENLIGHTENED entrepreneurs that truly want to wake UP the world through their work)

  1. Know a psychic or medium who deserves to be famous?  Let us know on TWITTER or via email –
  2. Have you had an experience with any of the psychics in YOUR local community?  Find (or add) their name...and leave a review!
  3. If YOU ARE a genuine, honest and empathetic spritual professional and want to be featured on our directory, we want to know about YOU!  We have over 1000 people a day (and quickly growing) who are looking for insightful and inspiring information on psychic readings and spiritual development and we’d love to share YOUR flare with the world. 

If that sounds like YOU….drop us a note at, or say HI on Twitter here 🙂



One thought on “Welcome to Famous Psychic Mediums!

  • Gost find me sometimes l can see them exactly who they are ! My niece that died at 5 years old , and 6 more plus 1 out of the 3 gost in my husband house . Why can’t l see my family (parents and their family)


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