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  • svgJune 1, 2023Musings

    Post Image Suffering is inevitable. But James Baraz and Shoshana Alexander argue that responding to pain with compassion, care, and generosity is key to a joyful life. What is the helpers high?  A short definition that I happen to love:   The feeling of euphoria or satisfaction that individuals experience when helping others or engaging in

  • svgApril 26, 2023Musings

    Post Image Do you feel the emotions of others? Need a lot of alone time? You might be an intuitive empath. Do you need time to unwind?  Do you find peace and quiet to be restorative and energizing?  If so… may be a highly sensitive person (or intuitive empath) like many of us!  Check out some

  • svgApril 25, 2023Musings

    Post Image In fiction by authors from Stephen King to Hilary Mantel, these ambiguous figures are poised between two worlds, belonging to neither. A fun collection of some of the most popular non fiction books on psychic mediumship and paranormal experiences.  (including a really good one by Stephen King we just read…and really liked)   Have

  • svgMarch 30, 2023Musings

    Post Image Apparently Drew Barrymore’s ex husband isn’t a fan of psychic Anna Raimondi 🙂  What do you think?  Fair criticism or unwarranted attack? Barrymore’s ex-husband called the medium who appeared on her show this week a “submental hack working the talk show circuit.” “And I’m a little surprised that Drew chose to give oxygen to

  • svgMarch 22, 2023Musings

    Post Image–it-starts-with-an-f-and-ends-in-a-d I have a word for John Edwards – it starts with an ‘f’ and ends in a ‘d’ OPINION: I am not sure it gets much lower than capitalising on people’s grief by taking money for talking to the dead, but the whole thing is selling snake-oil to mugs. To our eye, this is

  • svgTrendingsvg

  • svgMarch 17, 2023Musings

    Post Image A new book explains how sensitivity can be an asset in life—as long as you learn how to manage emotional and physical overwhelm. Empathy can be a superpower.  But you need to learn to manage it in a healthy way, lest you be overcome with emotional contagion. (the pain, the perils of problems of

  • svgFebruary 23, 2023Musings

    Post Image When Randy Schiefer was hospitalized with COVID-19, he wasn’t sure he would survive. Now, he looks back at that experience as the most important thing that has ever happened to him. A great NDE experience with a profound message of hope and healing from Covid 19.  Well worth reading for folks wondering about recovering

  • svgFebruary 17, 2023Musings

    Post Image “There’s absolutely no doubt in your mind that this is real. In fact, I now believe it’s more real than anything physical,” said near-death experiencer Marina Quattrocchi.

  • svgFebruary 9, 2023Musings

    Post Image Discover the best books about life after death, including classic, contemporary, nonfiction, and fiction selections. What are the best books on life after death for beginners, believers and the curious but not yet convinced?  Here is a short list of 15 books that will give you a good head start in understanding NDE’s and

  • svgFebruary 6, 2023Musings

    Post Image Precognition is the scientific name for a group of abilities that have to do with knowing or using information about the future without drawing on information from the five senses, memory, or logic. Premonitions are one of those abilities – a premonition is a feeling or sense about a future event. But precognition includes

  • svgFebruary 3, 2023Musings

    Post Image Thomas Freteur’s portraits reveal that the city’s fortune-tellers are as varied and distinctive as any group of New Yorkers. A beautiful look at the ecclectic, odd, and interesting collection of psychics, medums and fortune tellers working in Manhattan. This may not actually be a list of the best psychics you’ll find NYC, but it

  • svgFebruary 1, 2023celebrity psychics

    Post Image We’ve just added a new book to our recommended reading list for 2023 – The Survival of the Soul by famous psychic medium Lisa Williams.  While I haven’t read the book personally, several of the mediums in our community not only have recommended Lisa Williams books, but her psychic mediumship training programs as well. Buying

  • Post Image For Reading Options, Fees and Payment Methods, Please Press Button Below Has anyone had a reading with Lisa Roman?  We’re not familiar with her work (but do live in a same area of NJ) so when a friend asked our opinion on Lisa Roman, we figured we’d ask folks in our community if they’ve

  • svgJanuary 30, 2023Musings

    Post Image “I think the royal family’s income and popularity will go down,” Nicolas Aujula said. “So they may sell their properties, or they may turn something into a hotel, or they wi… What we want to know is who will win the Super Bowl! 🙂  Any good psychic predictions for this years Super Bowl between

  • svgJanuary 28, 2023Musings

    Post Image A few of our subscribers have asked about Concetta Bertoldi recently – after reading her popular NY Times best selling book(s) answering popular questions about being psychics, spirits, the afterlife and the general experience of being a medium.  (Do Dead People Watch You Shower? And Other Questions You’ve Been All But Dying to Ask a


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