Have you written a book on intuition, spiritual growth or  near death experiences? Submit your book for inclusion in our 2023 recommended reading list.

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Is there an afterlife?  Renowned scientist Tom Campbell discusses the best evidence for life after death, and his own Out of Body experiences, navigating this life…and the next.  Enjoy!

Have you had a reading with Phillip Quinn?  If so…..let us know your thoughts and feelings about the experience. We’ve actually received a bunch of complaints about Phillip Quinn’s readings…

Laura lynn Jackson has become one of the most in demand psychic mediums in the world, after her feature in the Netflix documentary, “Surviving Death” and the public adoration she…

Has anyone had a reading with Phil Quinn?  We have gotten a few questions about Phil Quinn readings, and our impressions of him as a medium – and to be…

A fascinating Near Death Experience recounted by a Buddhist monk (and how his NDE not only convinced him that an afterlife is real…..but convinced him to become a monk, as…

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