Tyler Henry

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“Seeing Tyler in a small group event in Los Angeles, totally changed my life.  He was warm, sweet, charming…..and jaw dropping accurate.  If I was a skeptic walking in, I am a believer walking out. ”  – Johnathan E Miriam

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1 review for Tyler Henry

  1. Joe Simone Jr

    We saw Tyler Henry in Atlantic City this past summer…..and it was a delightful experience. I’d encourage anyone who is skeptical about psychic mediums (which many in our party, were) to seek out an authentic medium like Tyler. Your mind will be blown. And opened. I’m a mental health professional with many experiences with charlatans, frauds and delusional people – I can only say, from my own experience (and having lost a very close loved one) the experience for our family was exactly what we hoped for, and needed.

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