I am at a loss for words. Sirry turned all my views on their head. She knew and sensed so much intimately true that not even my closest friend would see, without me saying a word. She helped me to gain clarity and see truth. I am speechless and utterly grateful. I wish every single person I knew could have a session with Sirry. She is a spirit of light and all I can say from my deepest heart is that she changed my life and is an angel. – Lauren


Sacred Soul Stories is my new book project.

For many years, people who have met me, through sessions, classes, workshops, groups and events have been asking me to write a book.

I always find the stories of the people I sit with, and meet with be the most touching stories of all, as you’ve shown resiliance in times of grief, and hope in times of despair and you’ve become an inspiration to others.

I would very much like to share your story, and also reflect on my experience as the medium, connecting with your loved one in the Spirit World.

Most sessions are archived in recordings, but if you are as inspired to share your story, as I was to hear and essentially experience your story, let me know when your session took place?

Please share with me, who came through that you were hoping to hear from, why it was helpful to you and what the inspiration could be for others?


If you feel you’ve had a life-changing session in a private or a in a group, please contact us with your story?


All stories are confidential, until publishing.

~ With deep gratitude