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By the end of my session with Rose, I felt clarity, a better sense of direction in my life, and a deeper connection with the spirit world. I am planning to go back to her in a few months from now and would absolutely, one-hundred-percent, recommend her to any and all. – Hanna

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Blessed to be born with gifts passed down from both her Grandfathers, Maternal (Psychic) & Paternal (Healer), Rose Jimenez lives to fulfill her contract with the universe through service to humanity as a psychic/medium and Reiki healer and Master Teacher/Shihan.

For over 30 years Rose’s work as a professional psychic has been helping people overcome their doubts, heal their hearts and go forward in life. My spirit guides direct the readings & they find specific questions to be the ideal. The more specific your question, the more immediate & powerful the information is given to you.

The future is entirely changeable & not set in stone. We each have free will, therefore, the ability to write our own story.
Private full length readings are available in many different ways for people all over the world. Rose has many satisfied International, as well as National clients.

See the “Testimonials” page here on this website. Also check out her Yelp Reviews. If you would like a full reading, available via email, telephone, Skype or Google Hangout, feel free to contact rose via email at

Rose will always tell you the truth with love and respect; it may not be what you want to hear and she may tell you something different than you have previously been told or something that is hard to accept. Yet, only accuracy and truth will empower you so that you can make decisions based on what is revealed. ​

Remember, predictions and readings are not promises and nothing is set in stone and the ultimate outcome is a result of you exercising your free will over your own destiny. We should not live our lives by a reading, but pay attention to the advises given by Spirit throughout the reading and use that to help in decision making as well as enjoy the reading and the time we had with the reader.

It is Rose’s mission in this life is to help people awaken, enlighten themselves and find their way. Rose’s Christ Consciousness name is JaRa (she who manifests the light) .

Rose would love to help you discover the path to your true happiness! Contact Rose for a Reading and take back your power.

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Psychic Medium & Healer Rose Jimenez

  1. Hanna

    I first messaged Rose on Facebook to find out more information about her services. From the start, she was very kind and professional. I was told to call her to make an appointment. Upon doing so, I was a little nervous in giving her my debit card information over the phone (PayPal was down at the time, and so it had to be done this way), but trusted her nonetheless. I set up a half-hour appointment in the evening.

    Rose worked with tarot cards through my reading. Right off the bat, she was correct in what was happening with my romantic and social life (and was rather specific, too). She continued to read my cards, and some of the Universes predictions have come true thus far (taking a trip, needing to hold onto my money, etc.). One of the most amazing things that I experienced in her reading of me was my connection to a passed family member. At first, I was unsure about who she was telling me came forward because I had never met them before, but with deeper thinking, I realized just who it was. Despite my uncertainty at first, Rose did not conform to what I was thinking (that it could be my passed grandmother) and kept insisting that it was an aunt on my mother’s side (which it turned out to be). This showed me that she truly is not a “fake” because otherwise, she probably would have just went with what I was saying.

    By the end of my session with Rose, I felt clarity, a better sense of direction in my life, and a deeper connection with the spirit world. I am planning to go back to her in a few months from now and would absolutely, one-hundred-percent, recommend her to any and all.

  2. Magda Zapata

    From the moment I met Rose, I connected with her. She started talking about her own spiritual journey, and I had also gone through a similar journey. I know for sure that the universe was bringing validation to me through Rose’s words. Rose’s reading was very in depth and gave me great insight into my love and career matters. Rose truly has a gift for not only reading the tarot cards but also for tapping into her own intuition to make the reading more accurate and more insightful! Rose is the real deal and not a scam artist!! I highly recommend her.
    Magda Z.

  3. Kathie

    I have had several “burning questions” answered with Rose over the years. I have always found her to be spot on with lots of insight, helping me to see things that I hadn’t been aware of!
    Rose was able to see the big picture and guided me to the best actions to take.
    I would highly recommend her for any reading. If I didn’t live local, I would definitely have a telephone or video reading with her!

  4. Kimberly Jackson

    I don’t even know where to begin! Rose is simply amazing! I have had readings with her many times now and not only has she been accurate but she has helped me in so many ways. She is so comforting and easy to talk to and will tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear. I know that may be hard for many as it was for me during my first reading. It all starts with and depends on you. I refused to “let go” and therefore my future wasn’t manifesting as it should. Once I surrendered, changed my mindset, listened to her guidance and put in the work everything started to happen and change like she said it would. From that point forward everything she has told me would happen started happening. I am happier than I have ever been even while there are so many uncertainties in my life I trust myself and know I have the ability to handle anything that comes my way. She is so much more than a “psychic” and if you are open and willing she can help you in so many ways! I have referred friends to Rose and she has helped each of them as well! You will NOT be disappointed!

  5. Sole Fernandez

    Rose is literally a Godsend. She’s always so thorough and honest. I never once felt like I was being cheated or she was just bs-ing me. She talked about things on our video chats that there’s no way she could know. Literally would leave me in shock. We’ve had phone sessions when I was in Louisiana and needed an emergency reading. SO HELPFUL!! She’s brought me peace at times when I really needed it. I can’t thank you enough for your beautiful gift. Thank you so much Rose!

  6. Randi Weiss

    Such an amazing person! Have used Rose’s services multiple times and each time she is right on point. We even have this bizarre connection with Freddy Mercury. Crazy that the first time she mentioned Freddy, it was while discussing my daughter (saying nothing about music) she started saying that “I don’t know why Freddy Mercury keeps coming into my head.” But lo and behold, my daughter had been working on a piano solo of Bohemian Rhapsody for the past few months. Blew me away and really solidified the fact that this woman knows her stuff. Thanks Rose!!

  7. Cherries

    I’m not usually one to consult psychics, but I found Rose to be the best, most intuitive, and HONEST ‘reader’ I have ever encountered. Rose will never let you down, schmooze you, or take advantage. She just tells it like she sees it. And she always gets it right! She’s simply amazing! I HIGHLY recommend her.

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