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“Laura did an ‘emergency energy clearing and healing’ for me in May. I was preparing for a hysterectomy. As I was waiting to receive the results from Laura, I prayed. I had cried every day for weeks, out of fear of the unknown, mostly. But shortly after I submitted my request, there was a tangible transformation. It was incredible. My body started to tingle and my fearful feelings were replaced with confidence and a sense of well-being (just to name a few). I told everybody who would listen about it, but I think it’s something that people need to experience to really be able to grasp the powerfulness of it all. The clearing/healing carried me all the way through. Both my surgery and healing process went remarkably well and I feel fabulous (so much better!)— I am forever grateful and continue to be in awe of Laura’s gift.” ~ Rebecca, Washington


Laura Scott is far more than a talented psychic…she’s an accomplished Channel for Healing, an Akashic Records expert & author.

For 25 years Laura has been reading people from all over the world via phone. Her clients consider her one of their best kept secrets. From politicos to famous athletes, entertainment figures, CEO’s, doctors, lawyers, college students, grandparents, to your neighbors…each of Laura’s clients receives her dedication, wisdom and compassion. In addition to Laura’s work in the Akashic Records as a talented psychic & channel for healing…she is also known for her distance healing work.

Some channels only receive information, while those like Laura are also wired to ‘lift off’ or move stressful, depleting energy from people, opening the doorway for further healing to come in. These are known as healing channels.

Whether you’re grieving, fighting illness, dealing with relationships, are a #MeToo survivor like Laura herself, or are simply seeking to sort out life—with all its twists and turns—for yourself, your children, or family…she gets it.

Laura loves empowering her clients. She uses a judgement free, loving approach so that her clients are able to work in the higher healing frequencies opened up in her channel. You’re safe here.

Working in the Akashic records as a Channel for Healing allows Laura a unique opportunity to transcend life’s layers for her clients. Her clients benefit from her richer understanding of patterns, Universal Laws, past lives, holism, and more. Her work is known for its insight, humor, and compassion as she draws parallels, connecting dots and pathways multi-dimensionally that often lead to accelerated release, healing, and peace in her client’s lives.

“I feel sturdier after talking with you. Each time I come away feeling stronger and clearer. You have a way of pulling out the best in me that I can’t see clearly and the thing is that it holds. Knowing you has changed my life in such remarkable ways.” ~ Dr. K, California

“I was led here…all spot on. Awesome!” ~ TJ, Florida

“…an integral part of my life for the past four years, an advisor, a healer…helped me through my difficult divorce, a cancer battle, and provided many insights into rebuilding my life…” ~ Diana Tumminia, NY

“I’m so grateful to Laura for her insight when I was at such a crossroads.” ~ LW

As a channel for healing working in the Akashic Records, Laura has an ability to see inside & around a situation. This can offer you new perspective on why things are the way they are and what needs to happen to help facilitate change and support shifts.

“Please let Laura know that on the Tuesday(s) when she did the healing sessions, the energy throughout the day actually became lighter, cleaner, clearer and brighter. My wife had more energy, strength and enthusiasm. The difference was remarkable and makes an incredible difference for my wife and our whole family.” ~ Eric, Hawaii


“We owe her everything!!! She is a true gift of God!” ~ Yves & Mom, Canada

Laura has worked with all phases of life, always seeking to be a Ray of Light for those concerned. Clients often remark on the depth of her knowledge, & range of wisdom that she shares as a natural teacher.

“…able to clearly explain what had happened in my life and what was yet to come…profoundly grateful to Laura for all her guidance, insight, healing, and support.” ~ Carole Scribner

“…my light and my guide through some very difficult times…highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance from a psychic as she is truly authentic and a genuine gift to humanity. ~ Raquel Perry, Texas

Laura’s Distance Clearing & Healing work draws further upon her God given wisdom as a channel and healer, her many decades of experience, training, and ongoing studies. She is accomplished in health scans, Universal Laws, meditation, soul charts, integrative healing modalities, several forms of energy medicine, CHLC, Bach Flower work, as well as a talented Reiki Master/Teacher.

“We know Laura’s works on the deepest energetic and spiritual healing levels. Our family has experienced that.” ~ EO

“I have the ultimate respect for the service Laura and her guides provide to people like myself…priceless. ~ Rob Lambert, California

…an hour of enlightened wisdom that could propel you to a new level within your soulful journey…” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlifetv,,,,

“I have contacted Laura on several occasions, all of which have been exceptional.” ~ Geraldine Ferry, Alaska

“My load is lighter already. I feel…freer!” ~ A.E., France

“I’m always so amazed by how at ease I feel and actually ‘healed’ during and after the readings…They are always right on to my situation…I was able to relax and trust that it will come to pass instead of feeling anxious, hard to enjoy my life…” ~ Adielle C.

Laura’s Readings

30 or 60 minutes…by phone appointment, around the world. Laura is happy to discuss your soul themes, past lives, Universal Laws, healing, integrative care, and to help you understand relationships. Her clients are often given tools and channeled information to help facilitate their healing, life changes, and soul growth, along with lots of channeled love.

Not all psychics and mediums work the same. Laura is different because she is a channel for healing. She can access many simultaneous areas of information in the Akashics and promote healing. She works off of your questions. She channels The Committee, a group of Ascended Masters. Readings are like dreams to her. She may ‘sound normal’ however the running office joke is how altered she actually is….so much so that moments after a reading she has little memory of what just happened!

Laura’s Distance Clearings & Healings

Single or Multiple passes…helping to shift energy & facilitate healing. Perfect for yourself, or a loved one!

Different than a reading…clients fill out an intake form, and are then part of Laura’s healing queue. Laura then goes to work behind the scenes. At the conclusion of your Distance Clearing & Healing work, her office sends you a report from Laura with info & insights on her findings to aid your situation.

Laura is skilled in working with the Akashic Records, Energy, The Light, The Ascended Masters, Ascension, Angels and more—she is able to tap into energy fields to help clear, shift, and release energy helping peace & healing.

For more info on Laura, and her award-winning meditations, visit her website


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1 review for Laura Scott – Channel for Healing

  1. Catherine Curtis

    I paid nearly $500 for a fake reading. This woman is a fraud & preys upon emotionally vulnerable people. She filters her own reviews before publication, so you have to google her business and name in order to find unfiltered reviews. She offers up a lot of information (from her imagination) but cannot answer questions or see the Akashic Records well enough in order to confirm a 3-letter name. She’s a phony.

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