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“John is still one of the best, and most exciting mediums in the world. There are many who are good – but few who are exceptional and awe inspiring at this work. John Edward is one of the very few.” – Lynn

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4 reviews for John Edward

  1. lynn

    John is still one of the best, and most exciting mediums in the world. There are many who are good – but few who are exceptional and awe inspiring at this work. John Edward is one of the very few

  2. Julie Tappa Mora

    My Mother Pasted after being ill in 2002. watching John Edwards Opened me to things I might have missed after she had died. He actually helped me in dealing with her passing. I I listened a related to so many things he said .. So I believed in him. He helped comfort me in losing my Mom and still helps me in those thing that he taught to this Day. My Daughter been living with a great man for 3 yrs and has to adult children. One daughter and one son. His daughter 22 and son 24. Beautiful kids, The father David Rutherford, was in the Marines. His son joined a couple yrs ago, and just Re- listed for 4 more yrs. David was the Most Proud Dad. Single Dad raising his kids they where still very close. The son David Jacob Rutherford was in North Carolina and was stabbed by a mother Marine as Rutherford was doing him a favor before a argument. David Rutherford is not a violent man. he’s laid back loving and silly and has many many friends. The turn out at chapel of the chimes was so full of people who loved him that they couldnt all the people had to stand in the outer room hallways and then outside. Sense then all his close group of friend have been stopping by his Dads house and visiting and sharing pics and sharing Videos and stories. The People that have Know this young man have reach out. The Vets have road on their Motor Cycles to bring the body from the Airport from North Carolina to Haywared, California and sense then this man, father has bought a Harley and signed up with all the Vets to ride with them every time they ride home for another Marine. This man is keeping his son as close to him as possible. his son has been burried in San Bruno Vets Cemetary. His Father does not know believe in God now. and never has believed in after life. So there is no comfort for this man. I was seeing if it was possible to get a close group of family to gather to have a Reading with John Edwards and hopefully answer to questions would come out and maybe just one thing of comfort could be said for this man. He is a great man that helps everyone. We would like to help him and his family.The Son, David Jacob Rutherford has an Open Page on F/B. I would like to know how possible to see him and how much is the Cost, Im the Mother of David Rutherfords Girl friend of 4 yrs. Julie Mora. David Rutherford will be 50 yrs old in Feb. I have John Edwards book but I know Dave wouldn’t read it> I have stories of after mu mom pasted I know David would believe but David IS Not a Believer. I would like to help him. Thank You ….For Your TV show..Get thru Mu MoMs Passing. Julie Mora

  3. Muhammet

    if i have ability about seeing future what shall i do… İf i sense the humans feelings and pain or ache how can human her rid of this situation…

  4. Rena

    John Edward is like the Michael Jordan of mediums. No matter how much shit he takes, no matter how many south park episodes make fun of him, no matter how many people try to accuse him of cheating, he’s simply the most accurate male psychic medium in the world…and probably the most specific medium of any gender of the last 50 years. I’ve seen John 2x times, and either he’s got the best cheating mechanism ever, or he’s actually doing something that is extraordinary and is actually worth studying a bit closer….rather than discounting as merely a stunt.

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