Gratitude Journal For HSP’s (Empaths, Introverts and Highly Sensitive People)

A beautiful, gratitude journal for cultivating calm,
confidence, courage, purpose and PEACE in your every day life. 
Practicing gratitude on a daily basis can have more therapeutic benefits
than just about any other intervention (including medication!).....and
it's safe, creative, empowering, inspiring and life changing.

journal is designed to be printed.  It's also 100% editable online with
your favorite PDF editing software.  The exercises and prompts will
inspire you to cultivate more mindfulness, self compassion, self
awareness and ever-awareness of appreciation of this
very life....moment by moment, breath by breath and day by day.

hope you appreciate this as much as we've enjoyed making it for you. 
And if you get a benefit from your new Gratitude Journal, we'd love if
you'd let us know, by leaving a review.

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