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As a leading medium Gordon Smith is part of an ‘apostolic succession’ of mediums that goes back through famous mediums like Albert Best, Helen Duncan and DD Hume to the start of Spiritualism modern times in American in the mid nineteenth century. In this book he examines the historical evidence, admitting fraud where he finds it, but showing that great weight of testimony proves the reality of these supernatural and spiritual phenomena ‘beyond reasonable doubt’.

Read Gordon’s newest book – Beyond Reasonable Doubt.  As leading barrister Maria Ahern writes in her foreword: ‘I have assessed the evidence in this book. Just as I would in a trial. There is credible evidence from various unconnected sources all giving evidence that points the same way. The evidence has been collated by a credible source; Gordon Smith is widely acknowledged as a gifted medium and has provided many with evidence of one of life’s great unanswered questions’.

3 reviews for Gordon Smith

  1. Liz stewart

    Of all the psychic books I have read I love Gordon’s he is so down to earth and I hope to see him one day I am also in Scotland think he’s amazing

  2. dr Alan Goldstein

    (shared by admin in lieu of an emailed reader review)

    “have seen Gordon Smith twice over the last 5 years, and countless times on TV. I’m not a believer in psychic mediums as a general rule, but if there was a single medium who was the exception, and strained my skepticism to the extreme, it would have to be Gordon Smith. If mediumship is “real”, Gordon is the best example I have yet to find” – Dr Alan Goldstein

  3. Mary Hughes

    I lived in the UK for a number of years and this is the only psychic medium that I have heard nothing but great things about. When I was there he did not charge for any private sessions, did many spiritual church sessions, and had just given up 20 years as a barber and was hoping to make money from new book sales and whatever else he could in the future. Here in The States there is much more emphasis on ‘celebrity’ psychics and mediums, many of whom make a ton of money, while over in the UK there are many many low key psychics and mediums also many more spiritual churches that hold regular, local sessions for the same.

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