Empath Essential Oils and Intention Essentials

NOTE from Angie:   These are sold on Etsy – but are very highly rated and reviewed – and are amongst our favorite products for setting intentions, and working with ritual magic.   If you’re interested in exploring magik, essential oils, ritual work and manifestation as an empath, healer or highly sensitive person, these oils are a great place to begin.  (from the seller, below)

Intention oils work as emissions of your desire/intent. It serves as an energy beacon for your desires, charging you and your items with magnetizing intent. Power up your magical routines.

This is something I have been doing for over 10 years. I am really glad spiritual practices have become so popular and accepted, but I want you to know I prepare my items with the utmost care, and I took some serious time to educate myself on intentions, blends, safety, and skin-safe applications for ritual oils. It’s important to me to provide oils that are free of harmful phthalates and other harsh chemicals.

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