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I left the reading with the feeling of truly having connected with my loved ones and, even though I had readings before, I had never felt that strong connection. That was absolutely astonishing, overpassing all my expectations. 

Again, chris I feel there is not enough money to pay what you did to me, you helped me in ways you cannot immagine, my eternal gratitude and hope for a live full of hapiness to you and your family.” – Ivan


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4 reviews for Chris Stillar

  1. Dr. Joe

    Chris Stillar’s youtube videos have motivated me to explore the evidence that death is not the end. As a life long atheist, I’m not sure what happens after death. But for the first time, I’m actually open to the idea that we death is not the end of us. For that, I have Chris Stillar to thank. – Joe Grapler

  2. Gary Clifton

    Without question Chris has a special talent and does indeed have the ability to connect with the spirits whom were formerly people.

    What makes Chris unique is his readings have a strong undertone of review of the behaviours we might have and practical insight from the spirit as to their value or cost we experience with such behavior.
    There is a slight lecturing tonality which, at times of shear horror from losing a child, is probably ok but it does detract from the validations which are the real gems of his readings
    Over the phone only, my time with Chris has been well spent.

    From “Gary, I just got a sense or a feel of you pushing something away, maybe an alcoholic drink or something” as I just finishing pushing the vodka bottle away after I hammer a blast of it at 11:00 am, all the way to “Gary, your son is asking you to give a shit about your surroundings” as I was living in a hotel and declined room service for about a month straight ..and it was quite disturbing.

    Chris doesn’t cold read. He also doesn’t want people to force validations or try to figure their place.

    Chris even records the phone sessions and provides you the link to download the audio session for repeated listening.
    Without hesitation I assure all the guy is good. A bit long in the schedule for anyone needing service face, but just ask and the office lady will handle the emergency issues when possible.

    An excellent medium with lessons from our departed is very real and awaits anyone seeking for his.

  3. Lucia Figueroa

    I just had my reading and I must say that even if the loss of my daughter will forever hurt my heart. He was able to through her helping forgive myself and stop asking why and to know she is still with me .


    It took me a year to write this but my reading felt so accurate. He knew about a butterfly drawing in my drawer. It was not something I put on social media or shared with my family. He truly brought a measure of comfort and I listen to my reading everytime I feel overwhelmed with grief. Thank you Chris for sharing your gift.

    • goodkarma

      Thanks for sharing, Cindy – we’ve heard lots of amazing things about Chris Stillar – and he seems like a super good person as well.

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