Colette Baron Reid

I  have many titles: oracle, medium, spiritual adviser, TV host, bestselling author, recording artist, entrepreneur, motorcycle enthusiast, wife, and (perhaps most importantly) dog mama to three Pomeranians, my beloved furry companions.  I have worked as a professional intuitive for over 30 years, providing guidance for over 50,000 people who have sought me out from 29 different countries. I’ve been blessed with invitations to host my own radio and TV programs and to appear on shows like Dr. Phil, Oprah & Friends, The Today Show, and many others.   Am I perfect? A total genius? Some kind of superhuman celebrity? Ha! No. I’m just like you: beautiful, flawed, full of complex yearnings and desires. I’ve worked hard to create the life and career that I currently enjoy, but I can’t take full credit for my success—it was definitely a co-partnership with Spirit! And of course, the road was not always smooth and serene. Let me share a little glimpse into my rocky past…

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