I need help finding my true purpose (free advice would be appreciated)

After a year of covid drama, (loss of job, family stress, etc) i’m really struggling with “purpose” and i’m hoping someone can help me for free. I’m college educated, and on the surface i’ve had a pretty successful life, but i’ve always struggled feeling like there was more….or something more important for me to be […]


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Real Reading, From a Real Medium, Wanted!

I’ve always been curious about getting a reading, from a real medium….i know that there are many “mediums” who are sort of fun and entertaining to sit with, but i’m talking about someone who really has a legit gift. (someone like John Edward, for example….but I know I could never afford him, lol!) Are there […]


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Helping developing my intuition/psychic abilities

Is there anyone who can help me develop and improve my psychic abilities or empathic gifts? I’m learning a lot about being an empath, and would appreciate some coaching/guidance from those that are a little bit more developed in this area. Thanks! (i set my budget at $100 just because i don’t know what this […]


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