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Anthony is a very special soul with a very special gift.  He trusts in the healing that comes through a re-connection with your loved ones and he delivers their message with incredible compassion and clarity.  My heart is lighter and my connection with my loved one in spirit feels so much stronger since my reading with Anthony. I feel so grateful and blessed.  Thank You, Anthony.  – Lisa Green
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4 reviews for Anthony Mrocka

  1. Melissa moreno

    Had reading with him In public venue. He was spot on and very accurate

  2. Sharon Cheslock

    I received a Christmas gift from my daughters of a reading from Anthony. A great gift ! I lost my mom when I was 14 years old, 57 years ago. All of my life I have been pretty sure she was with me but now I know for sure. Anthony was able to speak to a lot of my relatives. He knew things that even my sisters were unaware of , in fact I almost forgot about it myself. I have no doubt that he is a true psychic. My life is better knowing my mom will be there after I pass. He was truly amazing.

  3. Katie Frawley

    I completely recommend Anthony Mrocka. He is a Truly Gifted Medium. I own a business & have had the pleasure of Anthony conducting several “gallery” style or “demo” readings to crowds of over 40 people. I HAVE NEVER given Anthony anyone’s name or information when they attended our events. At my venue, our customers do not give their information or pay in Advance. We take a first name, a phone number & the amount of people in the reservation. And again, he has never asked nor have I given him any information about our guests.

    Our guests are always impressed with Anthony. In fact, he has done such a great job, I now use him for my own personal readings & for friends & family. He’s a man of integrity & also a very nice person.

  4. Allison Bresney

    Buyer beware. When you purchase a ticket to a small venue, they have your name and can google your information. I was “chosen” as one of those individuals from the crowd, being told my father was coming through. I have to say at first, I was impressed with his” knowledge” of my family. Unfortunately, I along with the 59 other people there, were duped. It was all LITERALLY taken from my fathers obituary. Same words, dates, and even his interests. What a scammer.

    • angela

      Thank you for sharing your experience, Allison. That’s very disappointing to hear – and something everyone who goes to one of these sorts of events ought to be mindful of – it’s always a potential problem – although, I hate to think that it happens. (and we always recommend purchasing tickets in someone else’s name if possible – as any personal info revealed to any medium – in advance of any sort of session (private or public) runs the risk of this sort of post reading sentiment. I know nothing about Anthony Mrocka personally (although I’ve heard good things about him from others) so if true – and there is any regurgitation of public information (obits or otherwise) being passed off as “psychic” knowledge – it should be called out as often, and as publically as possible.

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